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DIW RANDOM THOUGHTSI posted about this on Facebook but decided that I would go in to greater detail here and since I am behind on posts, both this blog will be followed by 2 bonus blogs this week (God-willing).

Situation 1: This weekend I was bummed about my house heater not working again. Last year I kicked out $300+ to get the motor fixed and this year it was the pilot going out repeatedly.
Furnace manual

Now to make this matter more frustrating, we had a PGW parts and labor plan that should have covered it but because of some clerical red tape, they would not cover the repair. Well I figured I would call the guy who helped out last year, well after agreeing to come out, he had an altercation that resulted in him not coming out (gotta love north Philly). So that left us with a house that was quickly getting colder by the day. Well despite the odds, we got some space heaters and got cozy.  Well I called around and had no luck until my father (who I really don’t have a relationship with) agreed to find a guy to help him fix it, for a fee no less. I paid them and well the heat is on.  I could have complained about the cold and the fact that he owes child support from 30+ years ago but my moral compass and integrity is better than that.  I am sure my grandparents would be proud how I turned out.  So needless to say I paid them, which turned out to be half of what the contractor were charging me anyhow.


This was after realizing that I had to chip in more for house bills because everyone else was a little tight on funds and as a result, we received a shut off notice. for one bill and a threat for another.  Well I went and paid them both, with no questions asked.  It really put a dent in my pockets after taking my kid plus her mate to dinner & the movies on Friday.


Situation 2: My car inspection was more expensive than I thought, not to mention I got 2 parking tickets because of the permit parking on my block.

Now most car inspections are about $50 in PA. Well not new cars especially at the dealership.  I ended up chucking out $97 friggin’ pesos after taxes. This was after I paid those tickets I got and renewing my registration, which I forgot to do in September (I know…don’t judge me).  I did all this and well almost got pulled over for slightly speeding over the speeding limit.  And although, the cop kept it moving, I thought to myself damn I am glad I got that shit taken care of because well you never know.


Another slight blessing was running into someone who needed the services of my former company, Philly Designated Drivers. It wasn’t much but hey…every little bit counts.

Situation 3: So then as if this wasn’t enough to test my faith, my TV started acting up & had these tiny lines in it!

Now I was choosing to ignore this for a while but then the lines got worse and whatever makes the 4k HD stuff do it’s thing, caused some lighting issues in the TV.  All that being said, I saw what could happen if you leave these things unresolved… they only get worse. So I took my TV right back to Best Buy! They gave me a gift card plus A store credit & told me to get whatever TV I wanted withing that price range, that included my extended warranty and sales tax! I was so happy about that little bit of good news that it boosted my spirits although on Sunday I went to bed with 18.00 in bank account. Mind you, my next pay day isn’t for another 2 weeks.  Still my faith and positive attitude stood strong.

Because after all of that, I realize that I am still here and I have survived far worse and I thank God for that. I usually will get on my blog and talk about the great times as most folks do in addition to complaining about the bad times.  But I don’t want to give you the perception that most do on social media that everything is awesome all the time.  We must always find a blessing in every lesson.  Now I’m not gonna get up here and preach nor will I get all theological.  But when you find the good in everything even that which may not seem like it’s worth it…well that is an awesome feeling. Trust me. Because I looked back at it all now, I was able to pay these expenses off on my own!  However, all of this ain’t even the half of my testimony…

This morning I woke up felt those negative thoughts trying to creep in my head as well as some bad vibes trying to bring about a bad day.  Still I ignored them and headed for the gym.

That’s right… Endorphins baby!!

Once I worked out, I felt awesome but not just because of the post cardio high…but because of the fact I WOKE UP!


carlton holiday dance

So many people didn’t wake up today but God allowed me to open my eyes. I kept this thought in my head each day. As much as I wanted to complain about a chilly-old house, I didn’t, not once! I threw on my trusty Jets hoodie, some socks plus coupled that with a few space heaters, and toughed it out!  So many people out here are on the streets and not complaining at all.  Hell some people have no heat at all in their homes. Plus I gotta thank the big guy on the weather because despite a winter preview last week, it’s been fairly mild out.

Shit like that keeps me grounded, humble and grateful. And just before I was going to close out with that… something odd happened.

I checked my notifications & someone Cash App’ed me a monthly membership to my Zumba classes.  Then I got a refund for a purchase I was double charged for that I didn’t notice and I just got a royalty payment from my old book publisher for a book sale! Now I ain’t balling or ready to retire on these even if you add them up…lol!  Because let’s face it, they don’t add up to a whole lot!  Nonetheless, it still made my day and gave me hope for the rest of pay period.  Speaking of pay periods, I also came in to work to a very sweet email! Someone simply thanking me for doing what I do everyday…payroll (perhaps the world’s most thankless job)! It wasn’t detailed or anything but enough to let me know that someone appreciated me not screwing up their money! HAHA


The point of this blog was to spread a little cheer and to wanted to use these examples of what it means to have good energy come back to you… This is why I try stay positive & put out good vibrations into the universe instead of negative passive-aggressive energy that is all so easy to do day to day!

I could have complained about some or all of this but I took it in stride & thought to myself I was blessed for the following:

  1. To have a TV to entertain me for as long as I did.
  2. To be able to pay my bills/expenses even if it meant being temporarily broke afterwards.
  3. I’m just happy to have the car I want. Some folks can’t afford bus fare or hell will have PPA boot/tow (Hell, I’ve been there too).

And so despite those things to be thankful for, I still got a little blessing on the side!! Hope this motivates your Monday. So remember that what you put into the universe is what the universe gives back to you~


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