Black History Month

If you have a facebook page... take a look at my Black History Month posts. Enlightening, Educational & Entertaining. Click Here to See the Black History Posts... Later I will more than likely recap the whole month and make it a blog post for each of the pictures I have created. You can also see... Continue Reading →

What’s NOT in News

Not long ago all we kept hearing was Ebola this, Ebola that. Lately everyone seems to be up in arms over race relations & clumping together in rallies or protests. Meanwhile the US Department of Health & Human Services (probably in conjunction with the CDC) is designating treatment centers for Ebola Care in almost every major... Continue Reading →

Adios Sanchez…Hello Vick! (JETS QB LO-DOWN)

Well it would seem that my soaring J-men have added a bit of controversy to the already steaming pile of QB madness. Last Friday, New York Jets organization have dumped the all-too-famous Mark “Butt-fumble” Sanchez for Michael “Pit-bull Foe” Vick! As he signs a deal shortly after Sanchez's departure, fans (true ones that is) can... Continue Reading →

Invasion of Privacy or Invasion of Terrorism??

As some of you may have heard, a leak of information stating that the call records and possible other digital communications of us American citizens has been sold to Uncle Sam. Communications conglomerates such as Verizon and AT&T have been named as culprits. By providing info to the government, theses companies were called upon in... Continue Reading →

Late Term Abortion Dr. Busted…But not 100% accountable

In recent news, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72 was convicted about 2 weeks ago on three counts of first-degree murder for the 3 newborn babies following botched, late-term abortions! Gosnell operated a clinic, which catered to poor & un-insured women in the West Philly section of my hometown. Gosnell had cut the spines of babies after delivery but his attorney argued that the deliveries were stillbirths not live... Continue Reading →

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