The Impeachment of Trump: (A not so b*tch-blog)

I was hesitant to talk about or post the Trump Impeachment. Even when I got the early breaking news update yesterday. I mean half of everyone on social media is either talking about this shit today and have either become political experts or are completely confused thinking that Trump will be fired tomorrow.

Did anyone pay attention in social studies class?

For those of you who don’t know any better, impeachment is the process by which someone in public office is brought up on charges. It does not remove anyone. There have only been 3 presidents impeached including Trump. Johnson was the 1st and Clinton was the 2nd. If you are still confused, here is a picture of the definition.

Some folks are outright celebrating while some do not care and some are too busy pointing fingers at the Democratic party’s skeletons. I will address that now. While all public figures should be held to a level of responsibility and accountability, The President of the Unites States should be the most accountable.

He is the leader of one of the most powerful governments of all the developed Western Nations. So when Trump abused power, he should’ve been held accountable like those before him which include the “righteous” Andrew Johnson who vetoed the 1st Civil rights Act & Bill Clinton who committed perjury.

Now Trump could have stepped down before the proceedings finished much like Nixon but I hope it serves as a lesson learned. That being said, doesn’t seem to have changed his approval rating much.

My thing really isn’t the scandal or trial itself. And if I am being forthcoming and honest, I have gotten used to Trump’s Twitter antics. After the last 3 years, I pretty much laugh at them or ignore them. Heck, every now and again I am quite surprised and moved by things he posts. (rarely but yeah it happens.) It’s the reactions of the already divided nation that have me sitting here dumbfounded. Especially both those who see Trump as their Jesus and those who are so pessimistic that they see this process as pointless. I mean they don’t even want to take the L when he fucks up, pretty much as he does in the most narcissistic ways possible. Are these far right folks that blind?

But anyways, I read an op-ed today and it inspired me to put my two cents in. Why? Because it literally took the words I wanted to say out of my mouth especially when it talked about integrity!! It was written by a beautiful friend of mine who I’ve come to know through social media.

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Click here to read the article!

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