White Referee Forces Black Kid to Cut Locks


Because this is already trending, it’s not really news. But today the amazing Shaun King posted a video, which has now gone viral of this high school wrestler getting his locks cut off. Well according to a white ref, Alan Maloney (whose had prior incidents with racism, substance abuse and assault) they were not in regulation (although I cannot tell) and to keep from forfeiting the game, he made a last-minute call to cut them. The kid went on to win his match for his school…

My thoughts…


I wasn’t so crazy about blogging about this but I want this to go as viral as it can.  Why?Because our society’s way of dealing with something is by not dealing with it or forgetting about it…especially racism. When it’s not “trending” it’s being covered by every other agenda or forgotten altogether. Shit like this only come to an end if it is exposed and constantly talked about.  I wasn’t gonna preach & I don’t like bringing theology or religion into things but…

“For we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20  and to further quote another athlete, Tommie Smith: “We had to be seen because we couldn’t be heard.”

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