Cecil B. Moore Mural Defaced with Racist Graffiti During Black History Month

Sometime over the weekend, some asshats decided that it would be a perfectly fine idea to deface the mural of civil rights leader, Cecil Bassett Moore with racist slurs. Mind you, it’s smack dab in the middle of Black History Month.

Now if you are unfamiliar with who he is aside from having a street and subway stop named after him, you should be. In fact if you are a resident of Philadelphia, you definitely should know. Moore was the person behind desegregating Girard College, a well known boarding school in North Philly. He was also a city council person and president of the local chapter of the NAACP.

Residents of the North Philly neighborhood discovered the words F**k N****z spray-painted across the mural located at Bouvier and Jefferson streets.

The area has been predominantly black for decades with the exception of Temple college students or the minor bit of gentrification that is beginning to rear its head. The neighborhood has it’s moments but for the most part is often close and tight-knit.

Oddly, There was a time where this sort of thing would have brought about more of a rise from the residents. I don’t what’s worse the fact that some people have no clue who he is or the fact that this bit of news didn’t seem to trend much. Like why are we so desensitized the violence in our own community or oblivious to what should be important? Folks always seem to be woke but yet really clueless to things that actually matter. Like why are Cardi B’s hair and clothes trending or who shot Ghost on Power even a thing but this isn’t?

I often ask myself why are some of the “trending” fuckery even a thing? Why are people hung up on Charles Barkley talking about the late Kobe Bryant higher up on the list? We are up in arms Dwayne Wade’s kid wanting a sex change but not T.I. wanting to do virginity checks on his daughter? Not saying things such as the latter aren’t in some way relevant but we need to have a bit more urgency to this something like this especially in the climate of today.

Even police brutality seems to always be a thing that black folks talk about but rarely do anything about… until it’s trending on social media.

It used to be a time where black people care more about their community and themselves. Black Pride was at an all time high. But now we are at war between each other within ourselves, so much that shit like this seems insignificant. But I am not going to bother dwelling on that right now.

As of today, no suspects have been apprehended and officials have stated that the graffiti will be covered if not already.

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