Getting in Shape (THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE)

Hey…It’s your favorite insomniac! Back from a 30 day sabbatical. And ready to update you on the likes of yours truly!

These last few years, I found myself struggling with my weight. From weight gain/loss to just not making the time to workout. Well since March, I’ve made damn sure that I’d find the time to workout.

weight on the scary scale


Because with my family’s health history that included heart disease and diabetes, being 300 lbs was actually scaring the shit out of me. One day I got on the scale and nearly cried. It was then that I knew I needed to make some changes.  So I made a promise to myself to overall change the way I ate, exercised and thought about my health…basically everything!

I started with taking a picture of myself. I set a goal to lose 100 lbs in a year. But I knew that there would be pitfalls and setbacks so I set mini 4-week goals to shed in the range least 5-10 lbs. I started eating more fruit/veggies, canned the late night munching (even when up late writing), increased my water intake and downloaded a calorie app and most importantly, started working out!

Not only have I saw a dramatic change in my phsyique but my mood & energy levels have been at optimum levels!

Weight Loss Journey 1st week

It’s been a tough journey so far with pitfalls but I kept at it. With the mini goals I had set, I weighed in & measure myself every 4 weeks. I eliminated a lot of harmful things from my diet as well. The calorie counter app that I have tracks not just what I eat but my exercise activity and how hard I am pushing myself.  It helps because I know when to workout more when I go over my calorie intake. And I didn’t do any extreme dieting. I also swtich up my exercise patterns for optimum results by rotating cardio with strength or weight training. Getting in shape is no easy task but it is well worth it.

Some other things that have been good to know was that throughout my social networking, I’ve made friends with those who are either in shape or fighting the battle of the bulge along with me. That to me was the most gratifying because sometimes you need the push.  Especially when you don’t feel like working out.  I’ve even tried pole dancing! Yup my fat ass has been hopping on a pole and working my entire body from head to toe! 🙂

So far I’ve lost about 30 lbs, 5% of my body fat and shed 3 inches off of my waist, hips & thighs as well as 2 inches off of my arms. My clothes are fitting loser and I must say I am loving the results as well as myself more and more each day. On another note, this weight-loss has not only changed me on the outside but on the inside. I am feeling better about myself and if it wasn’t possible already, more confident. I mean it’s funny when you start to become aware of the foods & things you put in your body, you become aware of the other bullshit too that’s detrimental too…like people! If you’re not gonna settle on your health choices, why settle on matters of the heart!

me 12-16 weeks

Until later my friends…stay tuned as I update you on my progress…

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