Wonder Woman: Trailer Reaction

So I decided to do a trailer reaction for the newly released Wonder Woman flick, which premiers in theaters in October. They showed it during the DC Fandome this weekend and I had zero complaints. I thought Cheetah looked pretty dope and I'm looking forward to seeing Kristen Whig in a new light. I cannot... Continue Reading →

Project Power: An Insomniac Review

Project Power is the latest, most trending flick offered on Netflix now. So I decided to give it a watch. It stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. The story entails a mysterious pill that grants its user 5 minutes of powers. The powers, which randomly depend on who ingests it are the results... Continue Reading →

Protecting Our Kids: A Bitch Blog

So recently I came across a non-profit page on Instagram, the Child Rescue Coalition. It came by way of a saddening video regarding Child predators. And so it plagued me to focus my activism on our kids. Why? Because these perverts not only need to be beat within an inch of life, stoned or simply... Continue Reading →

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