Transference of Energy

Recently I began evaluating my life as well as my purpose and path on this planet. I really took a look at how far I had come and where I was headed as a writer, mother and above all, a person. Then something clicked and it all made sense. I realized that nothing I had... Continue Reading →

What Comes Around…

I posted about this on Facebook but decided that I would go in to greater detail here and since I am behind on posts, both this blog will be followed by 2 bonus blogs this week (God-willing). Situation 1: This weekend I was bummed about my house heater not working again. Last year I kicked... Continue Reading →

drunk·en in·som·ni·ac writ·er

Someone once asked me: What the Hell was I thinking when I coined the name, DRUNKEN INSOMNIAC WRITER! My Reply: (in my most sophisticated voice) I drink an adequate amount of alcohol & get an inadequate amount of sleep! Oh plus I write blogs, books & stuff! Follow the Drunken Insomniac Writer on: Twitter: @Nsomniac_Writer Instagram: @Insomniac_Writer... Continue Reading →

Another Year ✔️

Well alas another birthday has come and gone. I'm officially 38 today. I must say this year was eventful and eye-opening. Not to drag on about positive thinking, but I am understanding the power of it all. This year, I didn't do the obligatory party thing as I have in the past. I must say... Continue Reading →

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