Wednesday: An Insomniac Review (spoilers)

Decided to do a review of Netflix’s Wednesday. Unlike usual, I took a stab on YouTube. Check it out below.

I wanted to touch base on some things I left out that I feel I didn’t discuss enough in the video. Also, I kept transposing It and Thing in both the video and post Edit notes. I’ve done this before not to mention I edited this on little sleep.🤦🏽‍♀️

So be warned there are spoilers below. So if you haven’t watched the show, stop here and watch the YouTube video only!

Things I liked:

The acting. The characters are all very believable from their motivations to their interactions with Wednesday. Although Tyler as the villain was predictable. The way he portrayed his “feelings” for Wednesday never felt forced as if he was trying to hide he was the villain. I honestly dug their on-screen chemistry. As Ms. Thornhill. She genuinely seems to care for all of the characters. Her motives as far as plot-wise isn’t so ominous or ridiculous. It’s warranted and earned still, plot-wise I think her plan could have been written better. I mean I could have done without the whole evil pilgrim thing and to have its own season. Sometimes the show comes off as incohesive at times. And since we’re on the topic of villains, the other love interest of Wednesday, Xavier. The story tried entirely too hard to make him the bad guy and primary suspect. It was so on the nose, that it was obviously not him.

Don’t get me wrong the storytelling isn’t bad per se but it juggles back and forth between this curse and pilgrim story from the past, which overshadows the story involving Wednesday’s parents. I would have liked them to delve more into that story and not push them so far out of the story especially since the Addams Family, is traditionally such a family-oriented show. The town and school’s more recent past is just as interesting and it doesn’t get enough attention… especially with it being an integral part of the story.

The thing with her visions didn’t sit with me so so much so I could have done without it as it gave too much plot convenience. And with the show having so many supernatural things crammed into it, it was just extra. Still Jenna works it and acts so well… I forgave this minor sin.

Speaking of family, they did Cousin It wrong. My main man wasn’t in one episode. And for him to be such a favorite character, it was sad to see him reduced so drastically to a friggin’ picture on the wall. I’m hoping they bring him to the surface next season because he deserves so much more than a nod.

That being said, Wednesday is still very enjoyable. And I recommend it for most ages. For the little kiddies, I say stick with the animated flick.M

My vote:

3 outta 4 thumbs up

Until Next Time Kiddies,

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