Houston we have a problem??

It just occurred to me that while I have been posting reviews and doing my freelance thing whenever time permits? I also realize that even though I have 17 drafts here on my own website, I have yet to actually post anything at all in 2023! I seem to spend so much time promoting the things I enjoy doing on social media, not to mention replying to messages and comments (better known as interacting) that what I enjoy doing has become a job. because heaven forbids you make dime on social media or go viral because the algorithm chooses what to push in the feed of your followers or potential clientele.

Honestly, I can’t explain it, but social media and it’s fucked up algorithms have ensured that not only do the people who know and follow you never see your posts. Why? To keep you distracted yet focused. Think about it you spend hours daily interacting and jumping through virtual hoops in the process so much that you end up feeling obligated to do what was once a hobby and possibly hating what you used to love. And I know it’s not Instagram’s or TikTok’s fault alone. I mean it is but our shit economy is to blame here too. If you’re like me, you have at least one side hustle in addition to a main job because at some point the idea of rest became a fool’s dream.

You work hard enough to get a 3% raise only for the economy to suffer inflation after inflation. Meaning for every 3% you get, everything is about 8% higher leaving most of us who are already living check-to-check as is financially in a deficit of about 5%. And there is no relief in sight anywhere. But to work more and hustle a little more. And school is out of the question because most folks don’t even put their degrees to use. Not to mention, look how much it costs to attain a degree now vs. 20 years ago, and even back then it was a fucking arm and a leg.

So what do we do, especially those of us too poor to afford anything yet to rich for a handout?

I don’t know about you, but I will be spending my weekend looking for grants and whatnot to alleviate my need to depend on a paycheck that affords me just enough for bills and a living situation that is beyond less than desirable.

That being said, this rant wasn’t to take jabs at my job but rather to speak on the hustle and bustle I’ve put myself through to stay afloat. I have neglected my baby, (not that baby who’s no longer a baby) but that which is my writing. Not just reviews here on this page but my rants too… as well as my poor book. Ah yes my next book, which if I still had a publisher or publicist any longer, they would quit all over again. Needless to say, I cannot reserve my 500-word quota to rants in comment sections either. Maybe this insomniac needs to sleep even less… who knows? Or maybe time to drop one of my beloved hobbies turned hustle… besides they’ve become nothing short of trauma responses anyways.

Until Next Time Kiddies,

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