The Single Chronicles Ep. 11 (bonus one about Father’s Day)

Well another Father’s Day has come and gone…and of course it was not without the following obligatory but completely unnecessary:

  1. Wishing happy father’s day to single moms
  2. Deadbeat dads trash-talking the mother of their children
  3. Dads feeling some type of about #1 because secretly they are #2 
  4. Bitter posts from single mothers who are petty trashing the men they had children by
  5. Bitter posts from fathers who need the world to stroke their delicate egos while they continue to deflect their own daddy issues.

I even wrote about Father’s Day a while back and how some single mothers inadvertently steal the shine from those guys who actually deserve it most. But this is of those chicken and egg scenarios. Single mothers but in particular single black mothers statistically regardless of being bitter or not exist mostly because of the lack of black fathers. Furthermore, I feel that it stems from their inability to be accountable for their decisions and shortcomings.

Although this stigma stems from the abuse of slavery and slave-masters’ exploitation the black matriarchy…it’s time after centuries to stop using this as an excuse.

It also time to stop blaming the people you have sex with. If a man knocks up some stereotypical hoodrat, then I am sorry… I don’t feel sorry for you. I mean unless she ties you to the bed and hops on top. And ladies if you decide to get pregnant and keep the baby of a dude that ain’t taking care of his own..then you are a fool.

This year I did a quick video on my YouTube page and included in with the Single Chronicles as a bonus! Enjoy & let me know what you think!

Til Later Kiddies,


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