Because F*CK Cancer

I was asking God and putting something in the atmosphere/universe or whatever you wanna call it to help my mom.

Recently she found out that she may have breast cancer  t first my brain didn’t want to process it because for the most part despite our relationship, she’s done a great job shielding me from a lot of things she knows (or assumes) I couldn’t handle.

Although I’m truly wishing that this next 2nd opinion let’s us know it’s was a misdiagnosis. Hell I was even wishing that my mom was faking it or (not that she would) or anything to make it untrue.


She was diagnosed with cancer before so the likelihood of it returning was perhaps inevitable. But still life went on and for over a decade, we thought she was cool. But here we are again. Oddly, the first time was right after I graduated junior high and now my kid is completing her junior year in high school.

Either way, this gentleman’s vid popped up on my TL… And it nearly brought me to tears because I know that my mom can and will beat this. Plus she’s been taking my fitness classes… That being said… She’s gonna “werkkk” while having a cute shuffle for the cancer center after ringing the bell herself!

My mother may not like me because I’m kinda annoying with the healthy stuff but if it saves her life so be it. We don’t have a typical mom/daughter relationship anyway and I rather her be irked by me alive and well than to coddle her to the grave.

The video above was posted on Instagram via @itscolorcoded
After learning that he’s finally cancer-free, Mr. Lewis from Augusta, GA gave a celebratory dance in front of all his doctors and family members. He was seen cheerfully ringing the bell that signaled his triumph over the disease. But the real celebration kicked in when he hit a two-step!

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