The Single Chronicles Ep. 5 (the one about being single)

So I’m minding my business and out of nowhere an unknown number calls me and so I answer. It seems like most of my problems stem from this sort of opening. Well before you judge, I used to operate a car service and nowadays I teach Zumba. With that being said, I anticipate clientele calling me.

To the interesting part…

This week’s episode is about the inability for people to accept that you are single as if it’s like you said you have Ebola. I guess pushing 40, there is a prerequisite for dating and eventually marriage. I was once duped into this kind of thinking, only to suffer the heartbreak of the realization that this is nothing more than a lie. You are no less important or beautiful should you decide to put a career ahead of dating. Or even if you are dating, just because you strike out doesn’t make you less worthy.

This blog was inspired by the idiotic thought that we need to be tethered to someone by a certain age or point in life. That is just dumb. And so I decided to talk about it this week. The idea in particular came about just as I was getting ready to post the episode about One Night Stands… which is being postponed for a later date.

The interruption I got that night was so absurd that it baffled me. I mean this guy I had saw actually thought that because 1. I was single, I would give it up and 2. because I wasn’t trying to give it up, I was out here being a ho. Like really?? Who does that??

Anyway, I decided to lay my frustrations out on y’all. lol Enjoy.

Til Later Kiddies,


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