BuzzFeed to Bring Down Trump? (Updated)

Update: Robert Murller just issued a statement disputing the BuzzFeed article produced earlier today that claimed President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

I will be sure to report and repost more information as news develops.

Man I need to pay attention to those BuzzFeed surveys more often… 🤔 Breaking News??

Just as I was finalizing my bitch blog regarding the Government Shutdown, my Twitter notifications started going kinda crazy.

Looks like some interesting info surfaced regarding number 45 himself, President Trump. Apparently he was planning on building Trump Towers in Moscow despite insisting he had no business ventures with Russia after questions came about during a federal investigation. Apparently he urged his long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen to lie about his dealings during his campaign trail.

So if I’m not mistaken, that means he lied under oath and obstructed justice. Right?? Because if my memory serves me well, he specifically said he wasn’t in cahoots with Russia. Well which is it? Do you have side business deals with Russia or not?? Like how can you not be as you claimed, Mr. President but then this surfaces.

Wow…SMH was really all I could type early this morning!

Former president Nixon resigned during the Watergate scandal once reports of him lying surfaced. Remember Mr. I Am Not A Crook? Nixon resigned after burglars we’re caught breaking in the Democratic Headquarters at the you guessed it, Watergate hotel. The Nixon administration tried to cover up the event after a few journalists discovered the conspiracy.

Much like the Trump administration, the president’s officials denied accusations any involvement. While Nixon didn’t orchestrate the break-in, he damn sure tried to cover it up… And it looks like another set of journalists are repeating history or so to speak. I think this will be the hammer to hit the nail in the coffin for the current administration, which is still under investigation, which Trump has repeatedly called a witch hunt.

On a side note, I gotta give it to the Trumpies and their support of their president. They are fueled with so much hate towards liberals and other progressive movements that they rule out reason when it comes to the many wrongs of this administration. While I don’t think Trump is a blatant racist, his antics and the whole Make America Great Again (MAGA) thing has spawned a massive surge in racism…well at least out in the open. But that’s a whole other story… Check out my blog on my thoughts on MAGA here.

For more updates… Check out stay tuned to my Twitter feed, I will be retweeting as I learn more!

Until Next time kiddies,

Shalom ✌🏽

BuzzFeed reveals Trump obstruction of justice.

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