Mainstream Music vs. Lyrical Art


Most people who know me personally know that I listen to ALL kinds of music. From alternative to rap, from blues to rock. For the most part, I would say I have a pretty good ear for music! I try to have an unbiased view as well.

However as I have mentioned so many times before, my first love will always be hip hop. However the future of it seems so bleak to me. Maybe I’m getting old but half the shit I hear on the radio sounds whack to me, for lack of a better word. I don’t know if these labels only seek to sign the most ignorant, fuck-tarded, pill-popping, boozing, hoodrat buffoon or basically puppet rappers….but damn!!! I really need to get a defibrillator and put it to the chest of the music industry…ASAP!!!

Whatever happened to creativity? Or battling? Or rhyming about a cause or feeling/emotion? Basically where is the fucking art in the rap artist today? Where is the expression in music?

I recall when a rapper/singer would finish an album and be interviewed. His/her comments would often be something like, “I laid my heart out on that track…”  Nowadays there are some songs on the radio that sound like a few record producers & execs put a hot beat together to dance to (be it in the club, stripper pole, or your car). And then had the nerve to ask, now who can we get to say some meaningless bullshit to this? What hungry fool can we turn into our minstrel puppet by lodging our hands so far up their asses to control what they say, wear and do?

Damn it, I’m not even a rapper but I’m confident I could put a poem together over a song AND THRASH THE SHIT OUT OF HALF THESE FOOLS who already have a record deal! Yeah I said it, the Drunken Insomniac Writer would CHALLENGE & LYRICALLY KILL a lot of you “sucka MCs” BAR to BAR! Heck I even will challenge the singers too.

In other words….Put out some shit that’s versatile!

That being said, I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. & I’ve been listening to a lot of unsigned, starving artists who have blown my mind! I mean that feeling you get when a song moves you because you feel their pain, energy or whatever! It’s so overwhelming, that you get chills!

Nothing’s wrong with the “get money” or “the nigga/bitches ain’t shit” or “fuck some hoes” stuff but ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Give me something good! That’s why I miss Biggie, Tupac, Big El, Big Pun. If they were still around, this blog would be irrelevant because….well you already know why! There are more that are ok and among the living like Nas (who had me worried until his last album) and even “a tiny tad” of Drake, I mean he can rhyme pretty well but he like so many is too commercial. Kanye is cool but he is… well…he is Kanye! LOL

Anyway, shout out to the up & comers I’ve been hearing online!! Keep doing it!!! And don’t let the “big man in the chair” change you or force you to sellout for some money that won’t last you long anyhow or that they will jip you out of!

A special shout out to Judah Priest & Dao Jones!!! Keep giving my ears those orgasms!!

To those artists, not yet signed or discovered, keep making music that’ll change the world! It may not seem like it now, but people are listening. You’re the voice of someone out there.

To all you other artists out there, whose primary goal is to make bullshit in order to make a buck… Gosuck an egg, you mannequin!!! I wouldn’t pirate your bootleg shit!!!

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