OnlyFans: If Gaslighting was a Company

If you’re here from my Instagram account… Sorry not sorry for the click bait 😃.

No… This is not my OnlyFans page. And yes while I created one as a joke, I do not have any content uploaded nor do I have a payment situation set up… This however, is my opinion about the service/website.

But don’t sit up on your high and mighty horse like you haven’t considered the thought of creating an OnlyFans account. Because I guarantee you either visited the site or created a secret subscription.

But… In case you’ve been living under a rock…

OnlyFans, founded by Tim Stokely is a content subscription service based in London. The online media service gained traction after popularity grew from sex workers and other content creators who posted explicit content.  However, the site is not limited to sex and porn.

While some users have become rather wealthy using the platform to sell sex, others have simply used it as means of providing exclusive content much like that of Patreon. Despite its reputation, OnlyFans hosts everything from Master Classes, and fitness instruction to DIY videos to astrology. Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their page, referred to as “fans”. Payments are are received directly, either on a monthly basis, one-time tips or a pay-per-view feature.

What made the subscription service popular in the first place we’re the explicit posts from sex workers and content creators in the porn industry.

In the case of OnlyFans, they pulled the ultimate gaslight to most of their clientele, but it’s more like capitalism. Earlier this month, the company announce that they would be shutting down all explicit content from their site. The decision was made in an effort to appease potential investors which the company had been struggling to get… Investors that its reputation sex soliciting have them a chance to even meet with investors in the first place. The response from sex workers who use OnlyFans as a means of income was that of pure outrage.

Yet, the online giant decided after the backlash to reverse its decision. Despite their good intent, content creators were still upset. The stress it caused sex workers to find other means of income was infuriating to say the least. The flip flop decision created not only distrust but proved that customer service took a back seat to the almighty dollar. Others complained that they saw a decrease in subscriptions much like Tumblr did when they made a similar decision to cease explicit content.

Although it will be business as usual for some. Others do not share the sentiment. Imagine a job firing you for making them money… It’s a slap in the face to most.

Say what you will about sex workers, the fact of the matter was that you should never bite the hand that feeds you.

And for the last time, I assure you I do not have an OnlyFans… But the thought has crossed my mind!

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