You can teach a dog new tricks ..

I’m not an editor, I’m a writer. However, I would have never guessed that I’d get into video editing.

After trying YouTube when it first came out, I quickly retreated back to pen and paper. The idea of sitting there rambling to strangers was lost on me… except on paper. Still, now looking at it all…. Plus considering I always wanted to go into cinematography, I’m really happy learning more about this stuff. I look at how far my skills progressed & I’m not tooting my horn or anything but I am proud of myself. Not just learning new technology but because I found myself comfortable recording myself. I used to close my eyes when in front of people and I noticed in my videos, I still did.

But it wasn’t until pursuing a career as a Zumba Instructor as well as some advice from my daughter, I took steps to work on it.

With this editing thing, I began focusing more on the quality of my videos as opposed to getting something posted on YouTube or wherever. I also find myself taking chances and trying new things. It’s funny how life brings you to a purpose you thought was never possible… Especially when you try.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still a novice at this as I’m self taught with no prior training in this field. I still make mistakes but I keep trying and I never pass up an opportunity to learn. Besides, experience is the best teacher and if I expect to garner… well I had to learn from others as well. I won’t lie, this shit isn’t easy and sometimes I want to give up…

Yet I remained hopeful. It was my ability to listen to others who either had a second eye or more knowledge that made doing so easier. No matter how many comments I received or kudos, it was mostly through criticism that I adjusted.

Some folks convince themselves that they can’t do something. And often times it may be true because we can’t do it all but why not try. You never know until you do.

I am a firm believer that words have power, words can hurt or they can build. We tell ourselves we can’t do something everyday and even if we don’t say it out loud it becomes true. One of the most powerful manifestation techniques is visualization. When you visualize something that you want to do after setting a goal towards it, it makes it easier to see it become a reality. Sometimes you can’t just tell yourself to do something or will it out of thin air… sometimes it helps to write it down or create a vision board or something like that. And of course work on it.

However before you can visualize something you have to on some level believe it is a possibility. The Law of Attraction teaches us that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences. While this seems like a new trendy thing perhaps seen on social media the concept of the Law of Attraction is not new. It’s core concept can be seen in not just Hinduism or Buddhism or other polytheistic beliefs but even in the Bible. You ever hear the verse, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it will be yours…”?

Well that’s pretty much the same. While there is no scientific proof if this is true or not, that doesn’t mean it’s completely false either. The best way I can explain is in the following example one of my own:

About a decade ago I decided to take a pole dancing. After my very first attempt I failed miserably. I couldn’t grip my hands right I couldn’t spend I couldn’t do anything besides staying next to it and smile sexy. But then one day I decided to take classes and from that point I kept going week after week. Not only did I feel myself getting stronger but I noticed I started learning the moves.

I started watching videos and tutorials on YouTube and visualizing myself doing them. I stopped telling myself that I couldn’t do certain things and instead, I started believing that I could. And on top of that I practiced more and more until eventually I mastered certain techniques. I even performed live on stage at our pole dance showcase. I won’t lie I was nervous as hell but after telling myself I could do this and that I practiced each and every move, I went out there and I did the best that I could and it was awesome.

I garnered so much confidence in myself it showed in everything I did from that point forward. But it was a culmination of determination, visualization and manifesting my strengths instead of lamenting my weaknesses.

And that was pretty much how I tackled a lot of difficulties later on in life. I visualized, it I worked on it and I executed it.

That’s how you get better at shit. That’s how you grow. No matter how old you get or what life throws in your way, you have to manifest positive thoughts until they become positive actions and positive habits. Because if you sit there and tell yourself that you can’t do something, you’ll eventually believe that you can’t and you’ll never try and that you’ll never succeed.

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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