And so here we are… Trump is going out with a Bang

I have been very hesitant to speak on this whole matter. I mean I don’t care for politics as it is, it’s a very divisive subject. People take sides all too blindly and most of us are misinformed about what is really going on. We rely our whole introspection on total political party. What they they us to believe, feel, do and say it’s all canon as if we’re puppets on political strings. And people are so stubborn in what they believe that it doesn’t matter what facts you present, they will still disagree…

Families have split and friends parted ways over stupid, heated, political debates.

Besides I really hate discussing politics!

It seems that Donald Trump just can’t serve his term and step down like every other president. I don’t know of it’s because he wants to cling to his immunity or an entitlement thing. But I mean we’ve seen instances of voter issues and problems plague our democratic process, but I have never seen anything like this. I swore I would be more focused on other shit, but alas here we are talking about more Trump shenanigans!

That’s been pretty much what’s been going on most of 2020. Heck for the majority of his term in office, Trump has been a political distraction. His tweets alone will have you staring at your phone for hours. I mean the man has always been outspoken and oft controversial but placing him in charge of the US well, it was only adding gasoline to the bonfire of shit wrong in this country. And then January 6th happened. Right in front of our eyes on TV was a protest/march turned riot turned into a friggin insurrections.

A protest that was for the most part peaceful with the exception of confederate flags… Which I don’t get. It’s like folks forget that the Patriots were the exact opposite of the Confederates. Hello you stupid folks! The confederacy wanted nothing to do with the Union aka United States of America. Yet these so called America loving Patriots hail that Confederate flag with pride. Although I was saying “If you don’t like America you can get out,” to immigrants and foreigners.

But whatever… Don’t even get me started on that hypocrisy.

So back to the protest…

I’ve sadly seen it with my own eyes this year. Folks protest, then agitators (or otherwise folks using a situation to their advantage) come to tear stuff up. Then you have the actual people I despise most… the followers! Their stupid asses go along with the crowd adding to the chaos. Then suddenly comes the media only showing said chaos to the world not the intended protests or peaceful folks, creating a narrative that’s making everyone look bad. Now do I agree with the purpose of this protest not really but it’s still a constitutional right. That being said why couldn’t y’all just go home? You see folks committing crime and instead of stopping them, you join in?

The claims have been that it was ANTIFA that stormed the capital and caused amok but in the days since we see nothing but “Patriots” being arrested and detained not to mention becoming domestic terrorists. 🤔

I wanted to give everyone a grain of salt involved. Despite my feelings about President 45, I can see why people would cling to his rhetoric and I can see why people feel he may have been cheated. But something just don’t add up and sit right in my spirit with this whole thing. Again if it wasn’t true Republicans who were involved in that whole fiasco why are they the ones being caught and arrested?

I mean make it makes sense! 🤔

But anyway….

We saw folks storm the capital building and doing all types of wild shit while the electoral votes from the November, yes November presidential election be tallied again.

It was easy for the media to spin the circus that was 2020, MAGA, heck even BLM because of the lack of unity. And it seems… this was the case on the other side too. If not, 100 or so people would have not made to look bad, the 1000s of millions who have had boots on the ground in this instance & in prior protests. It’s bigger than MAGA, BLM, George Floyd, Trump, Biden… or Covid or anything at the front center of the MSM. It’s bigger than liberals vs. conservatives or Dems vs. Republicans. Why? Because in order to control the people, you must first divide them. And sadly this country has only been united on few occasions in its young history as a nation. And until folks stop being hung up on one of the aforementioned or picking sides, the shit that we’ve seen will constantly repeat itself and you will get nowhere fast…

And while, I’ll admit that the voting process is not without its kinks or issues, I’ve never seen a situation where overturning the election and throwing out votes with something that was on the table. Unsubstantiated claims came from all over saying that they were “dead people” voting, votes were being thrown out, there was fraudulent activity going on and everything else you could possibly imagine. And then you had Donald Trump belittling the entire process on top of that.

And then I happened to go on to his Twitter and see that he basically threw his own VP Mike Pence under the bus.

Now I feel bad for Vice President Pence because here was a man for 4 years who was devoted and dedicated to Trump. That despite any and every bad thing about the president was out there he supported him and stood by him loyal to the end. But the moment he didn’t do exactly what Trump said.

Pence automatically became dispensable much like a lot of people who were in The White House these last four years.

I’m sorry if folks disagree but this is where I stop straddling the fence…

Donald Trump is in my opinion a narcissist, entitled, rich, white man. He is never been in a situation where he had to hear the word NO. And if or when he did he dealt with it and some kind of way to make it a YES. he lived a life of privilege surrounded by pretty women and things only most of us dream of. So when you live 7 decades and you’re used to getting your way, it only makes sense to have a tantrum and a fit when you don’t. Couple that with instigators, agitators, and people who instead refuse to tell you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear, this is the result. Then sprinkle those who incite violence through separatism, racism, sexism and any other kind of ism…


This is the fucking result!!!

Well… I just pray that this country doesn’t turn into some shitty dystopian flick because I am totally not prepared for that shit!

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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