Saying Good bye to… 2020

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Like most, I am gladly happy to say good bye to the craziest start to a decade that was 2020. However, this year despite its melancholy brought on by a pandemic, racial tensions not to mention social distancing that went from quarantining to isolation. But for a lot of us that isolation became the motivation for lack of a better word for growth. Some became viral sensations while others learned new skills but for many people, the stagnation of being alone exposed our deepest darkest fears and anxieties. It was during 2020, that many of us learned to cope if not fix the sources of our toxicities.

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We were forced to face heartbreak and pain… that many of us, myself included used as a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. I discovered new skills and issues I had as a parent but more importantly I learned that I not only allowed myself to be more consumed by my work but I hid behind it. So many of us discovered the depths of metal and physical health. We worked out at home and googled why we felt what we felt and thought what we thought.

I learned that even my calm and cool demeanor could be pushed to its limits. But I also learned that my limits could be expanded. I found the confidence to learn new skills and improve old ones. During 2020 while I lost so much, I gained a great deal too. I can’t even count the number of folks I’ve lost both close to me and strangers. It seemed like I was attending funeral after funeral both in person and virtual. But it was this death and darkness that new hope and light to live on in their memory came about. We found new ways to connect and be inspired by one another. We cried together on Zoom and laughed together on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and YouTube, etc.

I wouldn’t say 2020 was a complete failure. I had several things to be grateful for. 2020 was the year I took my fitness classes online. At first, I lamented not being able to see my student in class but then I found ways to connect with new students around the globe through programs such as Zumba. I expanded my future on YouTube by learning new editing skills and taking critical lessons from my followers and pros. I started a podcast, opened my online merchandise store. I even learned new things at my 9-5 which i was grateful to have since so many had lost their means of income.

So in conclusion, it was through terrible loss that I like so many I gained discovered beautiful insight into myself and the world around me.

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Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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