Superpower Unlocked

So I’m guessing the rumors are true but not in a supernatural or comic book kind of way.

The trending #negrosolstice for December 21st must have some truth in it…

I was telling someone today, despite me dealing with things and this year being totally crazy, I am blessed. I have my health, my Zin fam, my friends, family and supporters.
The last few weeks, I had so much going on that it stressed me out to the point I almost got myself sick. First my mom and my daughter got really really sick due to Covid-19, then my car got wrecked, my shipment of sea moss got lost in the mail after I ended up cutting ties with my previous vendor. Then my cat got really sick & almost died. Needless to say this put my budget behind in the $1000s and it was the holidays…

Did I mention we’re all dealing with a pandemic?

I won’t even lie, I had no way to deal with this and still pay bills, buy food, etc.
But I was up late last night writing and I suddenly out of nowhere, I had 0 worries. I wasn’t stressed & my anxiety was gone. Did my problems miraculously go away? No, not quite. But I woke up in the morning remembering a quote I read about the 2 types of worries in this world:
1. The worry you can’t do anything about. So why stress it? (Won’t fix it or change the problem)
2. The worry that you can do something about. So don’t stress it! (Get off your ass and deal with the issue)
For most of my life, both of these worries boggled me down. I found ways to cope with them & ways to distract me from them. But it wasn’t until last night that I realized I always had the tenacity to deal with them head on and not stress shit. I had to realize my optimism was and had always been stronger than my obstacles.

And then the miracles began happening.

I had been blessed & showered with generosity from so many people, most of which I had never met in my life. And the others, well they were people who said I inspired them or motivated them in one way or another. Some said my energy and positive vibes were blessings. Heck my students can definitely attest to that. Folks were paying it forward and helping me.
And it was then and there … I realized, I should not to put stock into the past that I could never go back. Nor should I worry about fixing the future that had not happened and that I could not yet see.

For a while I swore my attempts to help others was lost on deaf ears. My previous philanthropic efforts were lost in online algorithms and posts about any and everything else.

But I guess I had to digress because again humanity had yet reminded me that folks do care. I was seen and not invisible. My optimism and positive energy was indeed apparent.

That being said, my faith had been restored.

I hope my words continue to inspire you those that know me or come across me online. 🙌🏽

What a blessing to know my positive energy isn’t wasted. That being said… that positivity doesn’t come from me alone… It comes from us all… Together!


Happy Holidays and Be blessed 💖⛄

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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