Battle Royale: The 2020 Election

As the election finally comes to a close and the final ballots finally being tallied, it looks like former Vice President Joe Biden will be the 46th president. Unfortunately for Trump who held a strong lead in swing states like my own state of Pennsylvania, it looks like he may not secure the 270 electoral votes needed for re-election. That being said, doesn’t mean that he won’t go down swinging. He’s already vocalized his disdain for the mail-in ballot system and this election as a whole. He even filed lawsuits in 3 of the blue-turned states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania which tallied their count days after election day.

As if this year wasn’t bad enough, berating the entire democracy of this country especially as Commander-in-chief, is in poor taste. Not does it only look bad, it shows just how little faith Trump has in the same system that benefitted him 4 years ago and that for lack of a better word, he is a sore loser. It also goes to show his lack of responsibility for everything that led to his inevitable defeat. Now demanding a recount is cool and a natural part of the democratic system but claiming fraud without evidence of such is sad for any leader. Especially when you have the types of followers he has in the current climate that this country is in now.

That being said, regardless of who wins or loses, I hope that all citizens instead of complaining will hold this nation’s next leader responsible for all of the promises made while campaigning. Further, I hope that we don’t forget to pressure those state and local representatives that can bring about the necessary change to heal this torn country.

Like any man born into privilege, for Donald Trump losing not only feels unnatural, but it bruises his ego and narcissistic ways. I guess money can’t buy everything. Even if he pulls a miraculous win especially after procuring the same judges to the Supreme Court that just so happened to be present in Florida back in 2000’s election fiasco… it’ll still be a miracle for the GOP. But that being said, what does that say about democracy if this goes for en again? These last four years, we’ve already seen race tensions grow, a pandemic that killed thousands and forced us into something out of a dystopian future flick.

What’s next?

Prior to that many of Trump’s current followers were already butt hurt about a black person previously holding the job. Don’t believe me? Look at the rise of not to armed militia groups when President Obama came took office in 2008.

Hell just recently, a man was arrested for threatening to attack the ballot counters here in Philadelphia. Shit is crazy to say the least and despite who wins, I am a tad afraid to see the final outcome. If Donald Trump isn’t willing to take his loss with pride and pass the torch to Biden, I know his followers aren’t. We’ve seen the hate they are already capable of and how they use his rhetoric to push racist agendas. The crazy thing is even if Trump isn’t a racist, he has many followers that are. I know plenty of people who follow and support Trump and I know they are not racist. So no Trump supporters aren’t all racist many of them aren’t even white. But hands down I can guarantee that all racists so in fact support Trump.

The media has played a big part in creating a racist narrative just as much as his MAGA toting fanatics have. Both sides twist his words. I just hope that we can get back on the road to becoming an actual United States of America. But sadly, this country was built on racism and for decades thrived on it.

From native slayings and displacement to slavery to Jim Crow to race riots to red lining and so much more. This country like many others is subject to a reckoning much like Babylon and Nazi-controlled Germany. And at this point, I hope that if Biden wins, his team can pull it back together at least a little with as little carnage as possible.

Hopefully things like gun control and crime reform won’t suffer but I surmise with a Republican ruled Senate, we may survive that much too because making gun laws stricter for law abiding citizens does little for criminals who don’t follow laws to begin with.

But we will cross those bridges when we get to them. Because at this point I’m tired of the hatred and thr division. We need now more than ever to come together.

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