I’m Back…

The Single Chronicles has returned with an all new season and more of the fucktivity-exposing shenanigans.

In the season opener, I talked about “doing the most” and how us females do more than what is expected or deserved for dudes that barely even want us.

And before you say I’m judging, just know that I was her and she was me.

I know right?? Who would have thought?

I broke my neck to prove to a guy that I was such a perfect Suzy Homemaker and wifey type that it was sickening.

The more he showed me that he wasn’t trying to be tied down, the more domesticated shit I did to show him why he should be. I look back now in pity. But that fucktivity gave me a great episode.

Often times we get sucked into the idea & the potential of a person instead of their actual character. Despite them showing us the type of person they truly are, we keep making fools of ourselves. No it doesn’t make us stupid per se but it doesn’t make us necessarily smart either.

I had to learn that not only were there other fish in the sea but that there was someone out there that I didn’t need prove myself to.

But through it all… The most important lesson I learned from my ex was that being single was ok. I needed to stop forcing it. Although companionship is normal and a beautiful thing, we have been programmed that if it hasn’t happened at a certain point, it’ll never be so the games begin.

But like the song says… you can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait.

Enjoy folks.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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