Actor Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer.

As if 2020 could not seep any lower, well it managed to kick us comic book and movie fans in the nuts yet again this year. It is with sad news that I report that the titular star of Marvel’s Black Panther has passed at the young age of 42. Reports say that the actor was battling colon cancer for the last few years. Although Boseman never came out publicly about his illness, speculations began circulating after photos emerged on the internet of the actor having lost a great deal of weight.

The actor was also known for playing historic and prolific characters such as Jackie Robinson as well as Supreme Court Judge, Thurgood Marshall.

The MCU’s Black Panther gained lots of fame due to its primarily all black cast, which had yet to be undone for a major comic book film and social commentary. Black Panther had also won three Oscars last year, the first Academy Awards ever for Marvel Studios.

No word yet has been given from Marvel studios if the actor will be replaced or even the future of a Black Panther sequel which was set to film this year. Filming for all movies had been halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Boseman was surrounded by his family in his final moments while in his LA home.

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