Supernatural: Final Season on Hiatus?

If you were like me on Thursday, you were probably awaiting a new episode of Supernatural on The CW. But to my dismay and my lack of keeping up with things, I found out that Supernatural would not be on for the remainder of the month.

That’s right the series is on another mid-season break for the next several weeks. Once the show returns for its final run in March, it will be moving from Thursday nights to Monday nights for the duration of the series. The next new episode doesn’t air until Monday, March 16. That’s right… the long-running series will be returning to a different air time. How many times will this show bounce around before finally being laid to rest?

But that’s not even my biggest gripe. It was tuning in after the winter hiatus to only be treated to a few episodes followed by another break! I am all for extending the final season but why? Let it rock and roll out in the ol’ Impala? I think the fans deserve that. Especially since there were only about 20 episodes scheduled this season and we’re 11 in already. That means Supernatural will conclude May 18th.

That being said we have been treated to cameos from former guests and current favs including Bobby, Amara/God’s sister, Billie/Death, Kevin Tran, Eileen Leahy. Characters such as Charlie are also slated to return on screen. but the biggest treat so far has been Sam’s little brother, Adam. Remember him right?

He’s the Wayward Winchester who’s been not only MIA but unmentioned since falling in the cage in the conclusion of season 5. Although both he and Lucifer were imprisoned together, we’ve seen them venture to the cage and bring Lucifer back for several seasons since.

So far season 15 has been pleasant filled with goodies for both OG fans like myself as well as the newbies. Seeing that Jack has been ressurected by Death… it’s possible we will get to see a “celebrity” death match with him & God towards the end. I am assuming that there will be another short break just before the end for spring but I am not too sure. However, I will stay tuned to IMDB & TV guide for scheduling and keep you posted towards the bittersweet end.

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