Saying Good Bye to a Legend

After hearing the shocking news about Kobe and his daughter, I wasn’t sure if it was a hoax or some kind of misinformation. I mean it was just so surreal, that Kobe was now gone, having perished from a helicopter crash in Cali. Then as more reports came in about the wreckage, I learned that the tragic news was true. Kobe Bryant, 41 along with his 13 year old daughter and 7 other passengers, including the pilot were killed in a helicopter en route to Bryant’s Mamba Academy basketball camp.

Moments later, social media was flooded with posts and comments about the life and legacy of Kobe’s amazing career on and off the basketball court. Amid the mess there were people making social justice and awareness posts, while others were trying to prematurely attempting to find conspiracies. I swear if I had to keep reliving that Nakers post, I was going to scream. Now I am not going to sit here and debate if reporter, Alison Morris was guilty or not because people will hear and believe what they want to. I am just pissed that for every post I scrolled by, there was that video over and over as if selective hearing via viral posts isn’t a thing.

Nonetheless, the rest of us grieved and would go on remembering the man that was a legend as best as we knew how. I am just happy that whatever sordid past folks tried dig up it was overshadowed by his acts of generosity, philanthropy and being all around family man.

He had such an impact on so many and not just Lakers fans (of which I as not… Go Sixers). But despite my taste in sports, I still felt what so many others feel, the shock of the emptiness of a light dimmed far too soon. I don’t think a person alive on with a Twitter or Instagram hasn’t mentioned something insightful about the former Lakers shooting guard. Needless to say the NBA retiree did not waste his time keeping busy with investments and other ventures off court.

It goes to show what a life of working hard will do for you and the legacy it will leave when you are no longer here. We can accumulate money and other tangible things but your presence on this planet will be remembered by the lives you touched. I don’t care how many points he may have scored or how many rings he had. His work ethic was quite amazing. Despite my love for Allen Iverson, his work ethic paled in comparison to that of Bryant’s. Examples of this was his work as an entrepreneur. This is probably why so many athletes retire or suffer career ending injuries and end up broke… Not Kobe. He had millions in investments and projects to keep him busy.

Yet this wasn’t the most admirable trait that I could recall. To me, what made Bryant a legend was his dedication towards his family as well as helping young athletes. He may have been a beast on the court but he was a gem everywhere else.

This is why the world mourns in unison because he was more than a great athlete. He was as they say a god among men. Yet he and his daughter weren’t the only one on that fateful helicopter ride.

Seven others have been rather overshadowed by Kobe’s fame but I am sure their grief was no less real. I was saddened by the fact that their families had no time to process anything being that TMZ dropped the story so quickly. I mean where were their condolences? Were they even notified properly? That’s he problem with journalism and the media; I think integrity is lost on what’s trending and that, my friends is why I shied away from it despite my love of writing. Still I hope that sudden tragedy pushes people to show love to those closest to them more as our final days are not marked and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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