The CW/DC Crisis Crossover Event

Very seldom do I review TV shows anymore unless it’s the end of a series or something much more epic in proportion (like the return of John Winchester on the long-running Supernatural).

There was also that time I griped about good shows getting the boot that were not only ahead of their time or targeted to the wrong viewing group…

**cough*The Black Donnellys*cough**

Not to mention that they were canned for far less superior bullshit. And don’t get me started on Hannibal.

But alas the CW is unlike NBC, pretty much sticks to their strengths. In this case it’s the Arrowverse of DC shows… A culmination of shows that started with the Batman-inspired Arrow.

Fast forward 7 years, 8 shows later (includes the animated web series) and BOOM… You have a universe or shall I say, multiverse, which has given us 6 crossover events.

If you have not seen the CW Crisis on Infinite Earths conclusion, please know that there is a major spoiler alert.

Crisis On Infinite Earths, taken from the pages of the comics was such an epic network tv event that it spanned the course of 6 episodes in total. Like previous seasons, each one topped the previous year’s. I don’t know how they will outdo this one… But then again I said that last year. What the MCU did with The Avengers: Endgame, the CW did with this Crisis Crossover, even giving its progenitor an emotional send-off.

Say what you will about the Green Arrow but Stephen Amell was made to play that role and his final moments gave me the feels. Making him The Spectre gave him such a bump in his character arc. (Next time I won’t chop up onions while watching 😭).

So much happened but what made this standout were the cameos across each episode. What sets this apart from the Marvel universe of TV and movies was that intertwined nearly every storyline that has graced the small screen. The CW much like MCU had built a pretty ok resume. Unlike the DCEU, it wasn’t rushed or plagued with story inconsistencies. Shows like the 90s Flash, ’66 Batman, Birds of Prey, Smallville, Lucifer, The DC Universe’s Titans even Super Friends were included. However, I was sad to see that Kid Flash was a no-show being that he was a series regular but the actor is slated to return later this year.

Also MIA was a cameo from the show Lois and Clark, which starred Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Also there was no Wonder Woman…not even a cameo from Lynda Carter. I thought it was odd because all those actors have been on Supergirl in recurring roles.

Don’t get me wrong, the CW is far from perfect but it has its fan base and it makes best without the big movie budget. Often the CGI isn’t great and some episodes are flawed. But still Crisis proved that you can do a lot with a little.

There was even a DCEU appearance! That’s right!!! Ezra Miller who plays The Flash in the DCEU’s Justice League was on set and appeared in conclusion of The Crisis crossover event.

First of all, I am blown away how they kept this from being spoiled or how no one noticed Ezra Miller in Vancouver on the CW Flash set. Second, this was awesome. The CW managed to do something that hasn’t been seen on TV. Even Marvel hasn’t done that considering how they kept its movies separated from it’s TV counterparts. Apart from the animated movies, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, (Shazam was ok too), the DC has had its issues, falling behind its competition, Marvel.

Despite rocky moments within the Arrowverse, nonetheless the crossover wowed me. The CW/DC shows seem to be growing as well as setting up new line of shows to come. That being said, if you haven’t seen any of the CW/DC shows thus far, I recommend logging into Netflix & check them out.

My Vote: It’s Awesome

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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