The Lion King 2019: An Insomniac Review

So I had the liberty of checking out the Lion King… The video is below but I wanted to clarify some things…

I won’t lie that now because my kid is older, these sort of family films aren’t really on my radar. I’m back to comic books and video games and you already know horror. Needless to say, I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t crazy about The Lion King’ live action remake. I use that term lightly as I know that the animals are not real, they are all digital graphics… that being said, this by far is one of the few things that made the movie awesome to view.

I had my share of gripes with this film as well as my admiration for it. But to be honest this, like all the rest of the remakes are simply around to bank on our nostalgia. While it may be cool for some to “relive” the magic, for others there is simply no rush to pay damn near $20 bucks.

One thing I had to edit out was my opinion on the fact that nowadays, Hollywood is so hell bent on realism and making things “come to life” that they are regurgitating shit we’ve seen already. Lion King is no different. It took me a while to pump out this video review and it was due to the fact that I am not big on these remakes to begin with. I am also more inclined towards horror and things like that.

While Lion King is visually amazing and the cast, talented… it was clear to see who struggled with voice acting. I won’t lie, I wasn’t crazy about Beyoncé’s portrayal of Naila. It’s not to say she did bad but maybe it was just meh for me.

For the most part, the folks behind the Lion King did fairly ok. And ever since Iron Man, I have been a huge fan of Jon Favreau… but honestly they took out things that some may say made the 90s version funny and heartfelt. Meanwhile keeping everything else just made the movie feel flat at times not to mention predictable. Either way, The Lion King isn’t a bad flick and to be honest, I enjoyed more than I thought I would. But I cannot help but think it failed to hide the fact it was around just to make money!

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