Season 1 of The Single Chronicles (a recap)

A look back at my 1st ever video blog series, The Single Chronicles. A social experiment derived from a therapeutic way of dealing with distrust, hurt & the worst of toxic relationships/situations. It started with me posting on my IG stories to me posting on YouTube & taking what I’ve learned and sharing it with you all so that someone doesn’t repeat the stupid shit I did.

I look forward to more seasons of me talking about the ups/downs of being single, giving advice or plain ol’ venting my frustrations out to anyone who would listen. My goal is to thwart the plans of all fuckboys one at a time.

My posts really do not provide insights or couples advice for those in relationships. I mean why take relationship advice from someone who’s had a terrible dating streak? Or financial advice from someone with bad credit and money woes?

The intent of my posts is to give inspiration to those people struggling with being solo and how to cope day to day in a world that teaches us that being in a relationship is the ultimate life goal.

Til Next Time Kiddies,


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