The Single Chronicles Ep. 10 (the one about single shaming)

To all my single folks… Stay strong!

I know cookout season has begun and pretty soon friends and family will be inviting us over for fun, food & drinks. My personal favs are the games of Spades & Uno.

Even though people (in particular my people) pick at my kosher diet, this isn’t my biggest gripe! It’s the fact that people are concerned more about who is and isn’t on my shoulder than the fact that they out pork ribs on the grill before the chicken.

And while your loved ones mean well, what bothers me the most about the situation is that their lives be in complete shambles… yet they’re worried about yours.

The last thing I need is dating advice from someone whose spouse is cheating on them or parental advice from someone whose child isn’t even in their custody or being taken care of.

And if that wasn’t the worst… Then you have the setups and blind dates. While I appreciate the help and often see it as a fun excuse to get out, what I hate is the fact that people always be trying to set me up with the weirdest and fucked up people they can find.

Just because I have dated the following doesn’t mean I am open to it again:

  1. Lazy
  2. Broke
  3. Dishonest
  4. Unfaithful
  5. Ugly
  6. Uninspired
  7. Boring

Needless to say… I hope you enjoy this episode and feel my pain.

Oh and this will not be the finale… I have a bonus ep for y’all.

Til Later Kiddies,


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