Bad Vibes?

Don’t you hate it when people you associate with display bad vibes from time to time or out of nowhere?

One minute they appear to be your cheerleader and so supportive and then the next minute everything you do irritates them… or worse yet when you decide to leave people behind they’re not too happy about that either.

I have learned to support my own achievements when no else would or when others doubted me. I’ve learned to be the type of person that goes for what they want no matter the obstacles.

There’s a scene in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness where the main character played by Will Smith tells his son and that “people will tell you not to do something because they can’t do it.”

Honestly it sucks because at the end of the day you want to share your hopes and dreams with loved ones. You want to share things that matter to you with people you care about. It is supposed to uplifting to confide in others. It’s a heartbreaking feeling when they don’t share that same enthusiasm or at the very least are happy for you.

The worst feeling to me was when I would tell someone good news and be super excited about it but then their whole facial expression with is suddenly filled with disdain and disappointment for lack of a better word.

I mean have you ever told somebody great news and then they immediately they make you feel like you ran over there cat or dog or something crazy like? Like their entire mood just went sour out of nowhere?? You have to seriously pay attention to things like that.

Why though? Why are people so fickle why do they just switch up so suddenly and easily?

Sometimes it’s the result of being jealous… other times it’s the result of getting what they already wanted out of you or not getting the opportunity to. It’s like you served your purpose & therefore anything you’re happy about or care about doesn’t matter to them because quite simply they can’t benefit from it or they probably already have.

I’ve learned to pay attention to energy…especially red flags. Everytime I ignore a red flag or one of my CARDINAL RULES, it ends up being at my expense. I’m learning more & more each day how people react to you how people change up on you. It’s sad that people are so opportunistic that if your goals are not in line with their own, they can’t be happy for you. It’s beyond sad. It’s almost pathetic.

It’s nothing worse than an opportunistic individual. That’s toxic energy at its best. Doesn’t matter if you say no despite 100 yesses or if they flake up on you.

Sad you can’t have any new friends because they end up being fake.

Another sad thing is when you have a goal or an endeavor that you want to pursue and people don’t support it. People don’t want to support the come-up and the struggle but they want to reap the rewards of it. Take people like Kevin Hart and Will Smith who are from the same city on from. While it’s good to give back to where you came from at the same time why do you have to be responsible for those same people you left behind… Again most of them probably didn’t support you during that struggle?

Naw… Don’t come around after the fact. Sadly I’m so far from being bitter & petty, I don’t even bother with people afterwards. Sometimes the best revenge is no revenge at all… I mean it’s not worth it.

We all have a caution indicator or a spidey sense if you will. It warns us of potential dangers and toxicity. Over the years I’ve usually been so naive that I’ve ignored those to pay attention to the potential I see in people and not their actual character. It’s led me astray in the past all too often, it’s let me down and in some cases it’s almost destroyed me.

I’ve always been the positive type of person to not pay attention to people’s true intentions. Despite trying to tell myself that not all people are this way, more and more each day I keep coming across these people and it’s because I learned this simple fact that darkness is attracted to light and vice versa.

People who are incapable of dealing with their own shortcomings and insecurities either do one thing: They take it out on other people. Even if it’s unintentional, some of these folks will use you to get ahead, play games or play victim.

and what really grinds my gears is when someone does something wrong to you and you call them on it and they feel some type of way about it.

Like who does that?

And people wonder why I stay to myself despite my bubbly personality…

I mean I don’t like to be reclusive and stay to myself but keept it at a hi/bye and small talk is often best. I’m tired of people letting me down. And I’m sick and tired of people pretending to be something that they’re not just to get ahead. just keep it real from the beginning and we won’t have to go through all this nonsense.

PS… I refuse to let anyone else take my joy… especially after I worked hard for it despite all I’ve been through.

I suggest you do the same fuck ’em all!!

Til Later Kiddies,


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