Abortion & Human Rights

So Alabama and Georgia are the most recent of conservative “Republican” states in the south that have passed Abortion laws. Joining other states such as Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky that prohibit abortion procedures earlier than legal limit proposed in Roe Vs. Wade. These bans instead prohibit abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually at 6 weeks. Bills seeking 6-week abortion bans are currently on the state senate floors in Louisiana and Missouri. Similar measures have been proposed in several more states totaling nearly a dozen to have similar laws passed within 2019. Iowa and North Dakota’s 6-week laws have been shot down.

What makes Alabama’s laws so outrageous, is that the state has made all abortions illegal at conception no matter the circumstances whereas the those others have instead passed less strict “heartbeat” bills.

Other majority states follow the Roe V. Wade law of 1973 making abortion legal up to 24 weeks or so. Now while most argue that the heartbeat bill is extreme, what makes these laws controversial is that prior to this, politicians began coming down hard on providers by implementing waiting periods & hospital admission on patients & doctors. Add that to the fact that a vast majority of women usually do not know they are pregnant this soon anyway.

That being said, I also strongly feel that abortion is not birth control. Roe V. Wade has limits set as far as 28 weeks, which is around the time a premature baby can survive outside the womb? I mean how long does it take one to realize whether or not they want a kid? And why not just use protection? We need to keep pushing that agenda because if you think abortions stats are high, check out the stats on STDs.

My argument isn’t whether or not abortions are wrong or not because at the end of the day, I am pro-choice. How I personally feel should not govern what another human is allowed or disallowed to do. I do not think laws should dictate what a person does with their body. Why do men assume that they know what is in the best interest of all women yet ignore the accountability of their fellow men?

We are constantly hearing about the human rights of an unborn fetus, no zygote but not black people and minorities? In addition to that, we simply ignore education and elderly care. Yeah…education! Alabama. The irony is that a state that ranks 50 in education wants to ban abortion?

I know this is a news to me post but I think Alabama needs to be crowned Dumbass of the Day! C’mon y’all… get it together!

Til Later Kiddies,


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