Social Media Down: Instagram, Facebook

Looks like social media giants, Instagram and Facebook are reportedly down.

Technical issues surfaced as users reported problems with the two social media sites early Wednesday. Facebook users logging on to social media site reported getting a message stating that the site was doing “required maintenance.” According to the message, Facebook will be up and running “within a few minutes” but people are still reporting problems with the site. Instagram is apparently reporting their site and app to be fine as always if according to their useless help center.

For some it’s a slight annoyances, for others who utilize social media for business…it’s frustrating. Imagine trying to post a selfie, a meme, status or video only to be stuck in limbo. The app making you feel like an idiot because it’s telling you that you’re offline and you know full on well that you’re not.

Well that was me as with many others today. I tried my best to post some ads for both Zumba and my YouTube page, only to be let down. This isn’t the first time either! I’m sure it won’t be the last.

In an effort to get figure out what the hell was going on… I took to of course Twitter. Looks like #facebookdown and #instagramdown are trending. Thank God I am not alone. I won’t lie, I almost panicked a little myself.

Immediately thoughts of the apocalypse brought on by the internet shutting down and let’s just say…if I do write a horror book on it… man will it have some crazy stuff.

According to, Facebook users in the US are reporting issues with posting, live streaming features and a slew of other technical difficulties. While some are experiencing lags in posting, others unable to log in completely.

From the trending Twitter posts, it’s damn pandemonium. In fact people are actually texting and calling each other. Weird… social media apps created to bring people closer together actually succeed after crashing. HAHA…

Til Later Kiddies,


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