The Single Chronicles: Episode 3 (Lying Females)

A day (or 2) late and not a dollar short. This week I discussed the types of women that lie. Although I received much praise on my last video, it did not come without some backlash from some fellas.

Yeah some guys thought I was a little biased (not that I care).

That aside, I decided to pick apart the ladies who are less than honest if not unfaithful altogether. But hey what’s the point of being single if I can shed light on all the types of bullshit that comes with the territory. So yes us females while more likely to be cheated on by our male counterparts, does not mean we are not without sin… Yes we do in fact lie! We are just better at not getting caught. Perhaps the reason why lies in the fact that our motives are way different.

Because trying discuss why can be often get troublesome, I figured that I would save that for a later date. Besides we have plenty of time to talk about that on my blog and YouTube channel.

I’m thinking I will stick to specific things going forward that irk us single folks anyway!

Anyway…enjoy this week’s episode. It was a pain in the ass to do for some reason.

Til Later Kiddies,


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