It is the light that once shone bright among us that dimmed.
It is the smile that once gleamed passing by that will no longer be.
But even in death, brings life.
From sadness one day hope will rise.
For tomorrow that smile & that light will brighten the sky…
But as for today, I cry and ask why?

This is now the regretful moment when you ask yourself why?

Why didn’t I try harder to help?

Why didn’t I reach out?

Why didn’t I speak up?

Why didn’t I speak out?

Why didn’t I just say something?

Why didn’t I do something

Not all cries for help are heard…

Some are a whisper…

Some are changes we notice or ignore…

Some are nothing but a glance…

Nonetheless, a cry for help should never be a cry unheard…

And now all I hear is my own deafening, silent cry asking…


I didn’t do what in my power I could and so I will do more than say the hashtag…
I will try my best to Live 4 Nah

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