My Top Must-See Movie Picks for 2019 (Honorable Mentions)

While my first post was pretty on point, however it was not without sin… meaning that there are more flicks I want to see that did not make my top twenty for various reasons. Reasons ranging from I can wait for the Blu-ray or online stream to the fact that the type of movie may draw certain moviegoers I hate watching movies around (i.e. little ass kids & babies as well as ignorant ass ghetto people). Another thing that often times prevents me from seeing a flick opening week is that some of these flicks are not or will not be available locally.

Nonetheless, here are my other 2019 movie picks for 2019. Oh and I kept out my synopsis on why I want to see them simply because a lot of these are speculated flicks with very little details that may get pushed back to 2020 or scraped altogether. I have gotten better at picking movies so you can trust me on this & if the flick sucks…oh well, bite me!

Don’t see a flick here… It’s probably in the main count. Click here to view.

Are You Afraid of the Dark

Toy Story 4

The New Mutants

Sonic the Hedgehog

Jacob’s Ladder

Men In Black: International

Annabelle 3 


Lego Movie 2: The Second One

The Informer  

The Intruder

King of Thieves

The Last Man

The Prodigy

Madea Family Funeral

Alita Battle Angel

The Curse of La Llorona

Silver and Black


Detective Pickachu

3 From Hell

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