My Top Must-See Movie Picks for 2019


Below are my picks for movies I want to see in 2019. While I hate reboots and remakes, it seems like the majority of my picks are friggin’ reboots and remakes.


But I guess I will be making the best of it.


Anyway these are the movies I am most likely spending my hard earned bucks on at the theatre. These are in no particular order. However some flicks didn’t make the final cut where it means I will probably wait to stream them online or wait for the Blu-ray.

1. Avengers 4 Endgame:
After analyzing the teaser trailer that dropped last week, are you surprised this made my list? Although Infinity War had a dark and emotional ending, I am both curious and anxious to see what will become of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

2. Glass:
After seeing Split and the universe that surprising connection to Unbreakable, I am nothing but hopeful about M. Night Shyamalan’s climb back to the top of the suspense genre. He’s had a few misses since Sixth Sense but some gems along the way. (I mean Devil kinda green me). Anyway aside from all of that, it’s about time Samuel L. Jackson get the titular role in his own Mother Fuckin movie!

3. US:
Very little was known about Jordan Peel’s new horror flick until the trailer dropped Christmas day but if it’s as good Get Out, I’m in! I just hope Peele can maintain his momentum… He set a pretty high bar for himself.

4. IT Chapter 2:
The reboot/remake of Stephen King’s IT was awesome. Flawed, yes but nonetheless it was my top horror pick of the year. King is probably my fav author of all time and this was one of my fav book adaptations next to Children of the Corn and Pet Sematary so I’m ready to see the now grown Losers take on the world’s creepiest clown. Hopefully we can do without all the shaky cam scares.


5. Shazam
Finally a DCEU flick not dark in tone & mood. Aside from Aquaman, this appears to be a lighthearted comic book adaptation that is fun and filled with some heart. It’s Big (Tome Hanks) meets Smallville meets Spider-Man (the first Raimi/McGuire flick). Zachary Levi seems to be a perfect pick as the titular hero and I cannot wait. Especially with Wonder Woman pushed back to 2020.

6. Zombieland 2
It’s been a while since I’ve seen some quality zombies I the theater and Zombieland is hands down a classic to me. With the original cast on board except Bill Murray of course, I’m kinda excited about this.

zombieland 2

7. Escape Room
This looks awesome and I must admit with all the Escape Rooms that all were the rage, I’m wondering why no one thought of it sooner. I won’t lie, it was a book idea I played with.

8. Godzilla: King of The Monsters 
They toyed with the idea of monsters at the end of the last King Kong flick. Not sure if it will be related or not but so far the trailer looks promising and the cast looks great. I’m all down for the destruction and mayhem to unfold. It’s about time.

9. Pet Sematary 
With the success of IT in 2017, it’s no surprise they would dig in the vault. The original movie is a classic albeit a bit dated. Not to mention so much of the book wasn’t in the film. And then we had a sequel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious to see how it goes. Let’s hope the kid and the cat are just as creepy as the original flick.

10. Happy Death Day 2 U 
I don’t care what people say, I love the first flick, Happy Death Day. While the inspiration for this flick, Groundhog Day has been done over and over, this was a particularly clever spin.  it also reminded me of a Dennis Quaid, flick, DOA where the main character tries to solve his own murder. This movie wasn’t over the top scary but it’s cleverness had a cool 90s era feel to it. I am hopeful for the sequel. 

11. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Between hearing that Gulermo Del Toro was making this and the fact that I found these old favorite books in my basement…I am so hyped! Enough said!

Scary-stories-to tell in the dark

12. The Upside 
This looks like it’s going to make me laugh not to mention cry and I will have no one but to blame but myself. I can’t help it I get the feels from the trailer alone.  Honestly I could not be any prouder of Kevin Hart as an actor and a fellow Erie Ave alum from Philly.  I don’t think Bryan Cranston has had a role I despised yet…including Zordon. Yes I said Zordon! Oh C’mon I didn’t completely hate Power Rangers.

13. John Wick 3
I already know Keanu Reeves is gonna kick serious ass in this flick! Bring on those dead accurate headshots! I am all ready for the man I spent my jr high school life crushing on. John Wick is one of those unforgettable but unbelievable actions flicks you can’t miss.

john wick 3

14. Captain Marvel
I won’t lie, I was always kind of on the wire about Captain Marvel but the last trailer looks promising and so far the MCU hasn’t let me down much except for the Infinity War Trailer, which still hurts me to do this day how they just lied about the Hulk. Nonetheless it is time a lady (albeit not my fav Marvel Femme) gets her own stand-alone film…It only took a decade MCU!

15. The Joker
I am a sucker for the Joker. Although Nicholson is and will always be my fav, Heath Ledger was great too for the tone of the Dark Knight flicks. That being said, Joaquin Phoenix is a powerhouse of an actor and I am really curious to see where they will go with this one.


16. What Men Want 
A spin on the popular Mel Gibson flick.  While I hate reboots and remakes (I keep saying that…I know), I also have a love/hate relationship with rom-coms.  But something tells me to have faith in this flick that could be the only wait I like rom-coms and that is raunchy…I mean why wouldn’t it be, it’s not that hard to tell what guys are thinking anyway. Besides I love me some Taraji Henson.

17. Candyman
Candyman, Candyman, Candy… I still cannot to this day say this 3 times. I think out of most of the movies on this list I think I am kinda geeking on this one. Black filmmakers are winning and OMG… I think I am crushing on Jordan Peele.  I loved Candyman and if this done right… Peele is going to make me love remakes/reboots.

candyman 2019

18. Brightburn 
Imagine a horror movie featuring an alien with the strength of Superman landing on earth but without the guidance of do-gooder parents like Jonathan and Martha Kent. Or just imagine a really bad and pissed off super-powerful kid period in a horror movie… they tend to be creepy anyway!

19. Spider-Man: Far From Home
I won’t lie one bit I hated Spider-Man Homecoming. And then I saw it and actually liked it a lot.  While it was not my fav web-slinger flick, it wasn’t bad…probably because I will always love Toby McGuire as Spider-Man…oh and the whole Flash not being a bully or athlete was kinda stupid. Nonetheless I have to give credit and Tom Holland nailed it! And it’ll be safe to say somehow he will have survived the snap!


20. Hellboy:
I’m actually looking forward to the newly rebooted Hellboy. Although I would have loved to get that 3rd installment with the original cast, I am going to give this reboot a chance. Newcomer David Harbour really has some big shoes to fill especially as the titular character. This one was tough and these types of flicks make me despise Hollywood and its reboots but I am gonna give it a whirl. Besides I was a latecomer to the original flicks.

Don’t see a movie here… Check my honorable mentions here.

Well Until Next Time Kiddies,

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