Poem of thought 69


It’s 2 in the morning
After the drinks my words are slurring
All of a sudden my mind is racing
I don’t know what these demons are I’m chasing
I am the definition of a drunken Insomniac
I guess now is the best time to see where my mind is at
These words I choose to say
Are better left said while you sleep The Night Away
I’m not sure what’s going on inside of me
But every version of my personality is antsy and aching
I have so much shit I want to say to you
About the intense things I want to do to you
But I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit
A part of me wants to just say fuck it
I know deep down in my soul I’m not ready for something serious and I don’t deny it
I just want you inside of me, seriously quenched in me
I know I know it’s wrong to feel this way
It’s taking everything to work so hard to hide away
All of all of my urges are so strong right now
Escaping every bit of strength to keep those parts of me down
I know it’s probably the alcohol talking shit
And my mind and my body are far from in sync
I’m not sure how my words are even rhyming right now
I can’t even tell the difference between a noun and a vowel
I’m fighting the last inside of me and trying hard to stay abstinent
But your words are implanted in my brain and now I want the rest of it
For weeks we’ve been building up tension
For years I thought something that I shouldn’t even mention
I set rules in place to keep my heart safe
But my libido has something else different to say
Maybe one day I’ll look back and think I’m doing the wrong thing
But I rather saying wrong things then to regret doing nothing
So I’m going to let the chips fall where they may
And let this tequila pick the words I’m going to say
Fuck the rules fuck what they have to say
It’s time I do what makes me happy and now I want to play
No more writer’s block.
The only thing I want to say right now is don’t stop

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