WEEKEND @ THE MOVIES: Selma (review)

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If you haven’t had a chance, check out Selma! Grab your friends and family and give this flick a try! It was an emotional, heartfelt and moving film.  I mean the fact that it was about one of the world’s most influential & charismatic individuals of the 20th century should be enough to make you spend $10!


The acting, scene setting & feel of the movie had me ready to start a movement of my own… Imagine a surge of insomniacs marching against injustice led by yours truly. I am glad I check this one out last weekend & with my family.

Anyway… I probably check this one out once more while in theatres! I mean aside from a good show, it’s history… Our history! And it should never be forgotten what those before us sacrificed for human & civil rights.

This generation needs to be reminded of the struggle of inequality. We fell short of that & lost a cause to fight for but the struggle never left! It hides in plain sight. It hides behind broken homes & ignorance… This is what makes importance of this films & others like it paramount!

So if you’re wandering what to see… Here ya go!

it's awesome

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