What Exactly is the New You?


Every year we make resolutions to change something or another about ourselves.  We make promises to lose weight, gain wealth or overall make better choices to be happy. But does any of it work? I mean are we promising ourselves or kidding ourselves? Ask yourself this, who and how are you since the last “New Year” commenced?  Did you become the version of you that you set out to be? Or did these claims of new resolutions go out the window?


I think we as humans are always looking for a means of self-improvement and a way to attain the best out of life.  But if what you are trying to reach is coming from a place of self-pity and not self-respect… Do you think that your resolution will become another broken promise?

It’s not that we don’t know any better or that we shouldn’t want to improve on ourselves… it’s just that we don’t fully commit or understand what it actually means to commit.  We want the benefit of the rewards without putting in the effort or work! We want the magic weight loss, the lottery size paycheck, the magical relationship/marriage all wrapped in a pretty bow!

But there is no magic pill… Just the sweat of hard work & will power to eat right. You want a successful relationship that will lead to a magical wedding… Well look for like minded individuals instead of booty calls & one nighters. Do you want the guy/girl only looking for a good time? Or the one looking to build a future? And as far as finances go… If you want a nest egg for the future! Spend less! Save more! Take part of that big tax refund & open up a retirement fund or savings with interest.

Whatever your resolution… If you want to see it come to life, you have to make it work! Don’t leave it to chance or luck! Don’t tackle it all at once! Take a no holds barred approach one day at a time! Don’t force it! Rome wasn’t built in a day… You won’t be rebuilt in one day either! Slow progress IS progress!

Commit to it! Work for it! 💪👍


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