Pit Bulls: Vicious or Victims

It was only a matter of time before I publicly announced my take on these breed of dogs.  Until recently I had a fondness of all animals, except raccoons of course! However I never had any real encounters with pit bulls , that is until I in fact became the owner of one.  I was reluctant because:

  1. I didn’t want the expense or responsibility of a pet
  2. I had no clue what these dogs’ were capable of
  3. Lastly, I really didn’t trust the demeanor of this breed of dog…
    Not because of their reputation but because I had no clue of what abuse this dog had experience or what triggers it may have had

That being said I eventually came to love and respect this animal as a part of the family.  In rescuing her, I guess she rescued us. Hazel, our fawn/red-nose American pit bull terrier would soon be a friend and loved one to us all.Hazel

As with any furry, addition the adjustment was not without it’s growing pains and learning experiences. But after 2 years, Hazel has been officially a part of the “Lewis” clan!

That being said, there are many prejudices, misconceptions about these dogs! In fact there is so much myth, truth and outright bullshit that it is hard to steep through any of it. Nonetheless I thought I would elaborate on what I’ve learned!

Pit bull is a generic name for dogs that are a breed that stems from various types of dogs with some similar physical characteristics. Despite, several differences, pit bulls are usually they are considered one or a mix of several breeds including:
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier
American Bulldog and
Dogo Argentino

Any dog that is mixed with a “bully breed” may also be called a “pit bull” including those that are descended from the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Cane Corso. The pit bull is not a distinct breed which fuels many of the misconceptions of this dog type because if that were the case, any mixed breed dog could be labeled a “pit bull” just by looking!

Nonetheless, people don’t need facts to exploit a person/place/thing or to be full of doubt, hate, prejudice and misinformation.  All dogs are not good dogs. To be honest, there are some dogs who after centuries of breeding are just not meant to be family pets but hunting dogs. But when you think on it, not all people are good people either.

So what makes pit bulls so vicious or “misunderstood?

The same thing that makes all things misunderstood… Ignorance & Greed! The lucrative business of dog fighting & breeding has made pit bulls quite the target! The cross breeding & mixing on behavioral level also plays a crucial part! Referred once as “Nanny Dogs” I noticed that those bred with more “terrier” as opposed to “bull dog” took on more characteristics that were mild mannered & tolerable which made them great family dogs!

Either way punishment of the dogs and harsh laws sanctions on ordinary owners like myself in search of a family/friend are not the way of ending any viscous pit bull attacks! Prosecution of abusive dog breeders & fighters, might be the best tactic! Especially those breeders not familiarized with pit bull traits & behavior who only seek to breed big dogs with other big dogs! Much ado like they did slaves of African decent! No concern of characteristics, culture, or familial traits…

Til Later folks

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