THE WEEK IN TV-LAND: Saying Good bye to Dexter & Breaking Bad (review)


Well I wanted to wait for the series finale of Breaking Bad before posting my finale reviews for 2 of my fav shows on TV. If like me, you have this bittersweet feeling that despite how much as you looked forward to the final episodes… it oddly comes with that feeling of dejection because you know the epic tales of your favorite characters has come to an end.  With that being said, I will give my take on my summer favs: Showtime’s Dexter & AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Sorry for the late update/post, I won’t lie… I was playing Candy Crush…

(SOME SPOILERS BELOW… so don’t shit yourself and spam me because I gave you the disclaimer)

Showtime’s Dexterdexter-final-season-8

If anything, it took me a bit of time to process this ending. The episode started off with its usual (if not a tad expected) cliffhangers and drama. Although I will admit with the change in writers and lead/pivotal characters getting fired (Julie Benz), I will admit it took a bizarre if not drastic change in plots.  Now being that this particular show is based from a series of books, it is best to keep in mind that adaptations tend to take their own unexpected turns.  So when factoring in all those outside influences, I can honestly say that I am glad they were able to pull off at least a half decent season this year. Although it wasn’t series ending caliber, it was still decent! Honestly I found myself falling in love with the cute kid who played Harrison. Anyway, there are lots of fans who already saw the ending with Dexter looking like a lost lumberjack! I cried when Deb was in the hospital. Heck the look in her eyes when she told Dexter to go was just like Hannah’s because they both knew the inevitable.  That was a bit more emotion I wanted to have for a serial killer, even my favorite serial killer…lol! I also would’ve like to seen another shot of Dexter’s dad before it cut to black! But to be frank, while I agree that while it could’ve been better, I still gave it a pass for pulling the plug while it was still bearable to tune in every Sunday! I mean honestly were you guys really expecting a fairy tale ending for a serial killer, regardless of how adored he was?

it's awesome

AMC’s Breaking Bad

Ok, the story line of Walter White, the show’s main character and protagonist turned anti-hero was one hell of a crazy ride. I mean at times we wanted to love or cheer Heisenberg on or downright loathe and scream at him. Either way, the show started and went out with a bang. The cliffhanger from last summer’s first half of the final season had me literally falling out of my seat… you know when Hank takes a shit in more ways than 1 and figures out about Walt?! I mean you had to have know at some point in the story it would be those 2 but I won’t lie, I had my heart set out on them really working the Jesse vs. Walt thing! Either way, I had no complaints here with how the writers closed it out, leaving no loose strings or plot holes. I mean I hate that because if you are ending something, I don’t want to have that feeling like “what the fuck” will become of the characters like a normal cliffhanger season finale. I mean Walt tied up loose ends with a “I don’t give a fuck because I know I did it my way” kind of feel (yeah hashtag that shit…lol). Although, I was more than happy to know that he left no enemies out to dry! I just wish he would’ve gotten the chance to get all of his stolen money back! All the while I watched this and felt nothing less than admiration for the actors/actresses in this show.

it's awesome

Looking forward I will have to come to grips with the fact that I will no longer see Dexter get dressed in the morning in such a sexy, sadistic way. I also will no longer have the privilege of watching the dad from Malcolm in the Middle cook/sell meth!  All in All, I am really going to miss both of these shows! Ups and Downs… I was a fan until the end. No complaints on either front because it’s better to have a show end on a high note than to fade out without a memory!


Until next time kiddies… stay tuned!

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