THE LAST FEW WEEKS IN HIP HOP: Wale, J. Cole, Kanye West, Jay-Z (review)


The last few mainstream music releases in rap haven’t been all too disappointing to… my surprise.  I was contemplating doing a Review/Rant blog on the movies I had seen but since those are lost in my pile of unpublished drafts, I’d figured that I would go with music!  Even though half of you already have a clue about the picks below, here are my buys for the week anyway!

Wale: The Gifted

wale the gifted

Not much bad I can say about D.C. rapper, Wale in general. I mean I had to grab this one because I had a feeling with Ambition and More About Nothing being good in my ears, it was only right.  Anyway several tracks from the constant rotating “Bad” track to the “Clappers” song, Wale has a share of stripper anthems on The Gifted.  His lyrics make sense, the beats are awesome.  I won’t lie, he has some great collaborations too, including Ne-Yo, CeeLo Green, Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna and even some hot up-and-comers. This album doesn’t disappoint even to the person who isn’t a hip hop fan.  What can I say I already have a soft spot for brown-skinned dudes with locks. So listening to his raspy voice in my ear had me on a musical high! (Could I be crushing on someone other than the lovely Ryan Reynolds? Until I marry him or his doppelgänger, he will make his way into nearly every blog I have! So deal with it…haha)  Anyway… Wale has my always had me as a fan and he solidified it with the Gifted! PS. the Outro is a deal-breaking track that will give you a good chuckle!

it's awesome

J. Cole: Born Sinner


Well the Born Sinner, album. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING on this album is worth skipping! The shit is that work!  J. Cole delivers some massive tracks with his story building verses and ear-gasm beats. From “Crooked Smile” to my fav, the hard hitting, punch-liner, “Villuminati” and many others like Miss America, J. Cole really has a way with “bars”. I wasn’t disappointed, you won’t be either. I mean since its release, I still play Born Sinner from beginning to end. I don’t even think the CONSTANT, radio rotation of Power Trip has bored me yet! J. Cole has had some tunes in the past worth downloading but this album made me go back in the archives and listen to some of the unreleased “B-sides”. I may even go back to hit up some of his mixtapes I missed out before I knew who this dude was. Nonetheless, I really have an admiration and respect for this dude. It just goes to show you can be college educated and come hard (if not harder) on the streets just as any other gun-toting, hustler MC! I recommend this to anyone with a CD or mp3 player. So if you haven’t gotten this one yet, GET THE HELL UP AND GO!

it's awesome

Kanye West: Yeezus

kanye west yeezus

Well the rapper everyone loves to hate yet adore is back with his 6th album, Yeezus. I am still working on my opinion on this one. I mean I love Kanye and have bought or downloaded everything this man has put out that I could get my paws on.  This one was no different. I mean only Kayne with his egotistical, yet awesome style could put out a CD with no-hype, no advertising and still come pretty hard. And that’s what this thing is. It’s hard! It reminds me of 808’s Heartbreak mixed with a little of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye doesn’t go overboard on the Autotunes thingy but he does what Kanye does. Although I have mixed views on Yeezus and on some of the beats on here (which can get a little superfluous) I can’t knock his lyrical artistry. Kanye has always had a way with words. That being said, I wasn’t moved with this CD. I’m a fan of the Chi-town kid but this one purely for the hardcore Kanye West fan! So in closing, all I can say is I’m gonna listen to Late Registration or College Dropout and reminisce.

it sucks

Jay-Z: Magna Carta… Holy Grail

jay-z magna carta

I’m literally listening to this for the 5th time today and it’s not even noon yet. I even put this one on shuffle to avoid repeating a few fav tracks of mine. I didn’t grab this one right away though. Not because I don’t like Mr. Carter but I was waiting to utilize my Xbox Music pass for a good review. That being said, I said fuck it, & paid my 13 pesos. I wasn’t mad. That’s saying a lot because I’m cheap. Anyway, the Jigga man did not let me down. Magna Carta much like its predecessors had my speakers busting nuts. I’m in love with hip hop again! I mean I’ve been waiting on an album from Jay since Reasonable Doubt that would not allow me to hit skip. That’s not saying I didn’t like all that was in between, I’m just saying that Magna Carta shows how Jay-Z has grown as a rapper and as a person. From hustler to entrepreneur, Jay-Z has evolved into a force to be reckoned with.  He even addresses the bullshit Illuminati/religion/devil-worship rumors that I am getting tired of in “Heaven”. My opinion is that you buy this CD or grab it from iTunes… then start taking notes on what good music is! PS. If you find yourself listening to a few tracks over & over again…um don’t feel bad! In other words, all I can say is Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit!

it's awesome

Anywho, that’s all for today! Until next time kiddies, stay cool in this summer heat~

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