Drunken Insomniac in… Alaska???

Well my friends, this year’s flux in allergies has had me thinking about relocating somewhere, colder and without stupid weeds & plants that want to bust a load of semen…er…I mean pollen all over the place!


Last week… I woke up covered in hives. It was the utmost worst. I guess I could even use it as an excuse for the lack of bloggage.

The jpegs in this picture don’t even give justice to the amount of suffering I endured. And it was ALL OVER  my body! >_<

I mean each and every day I awoke looking like Shrek. But what made it worse was the despite it subsiding throughout the day, it got worse each morning. I had to get a histamine shot, take steriods, plus restart my normal allergy meds. Despite getting better, I have had enough!

And so I took to the internet to see where was the safest place a chick like me could reside.  And the according to eHow, the following states may have to make room for this blogger….hell, I may even make some progress on my next book!

book with no title

The following states that have low pollen:

1. Alaska
2. Washington
3. Oregon
4. New England
5. Northern California
6. Vermont
7. New Hampshire
8. Upstate New York
9. Massachusetts
10. Wisconsin

And so I choose Alaska…

alaska collage

Quite frankly because it’s at the top of the damn list! I mean it’s top supreme chief out of states with the lowest levels of pollen throughout the year. Its cold dry air keeps those heavy pollinator plants/trees from jizzing on you or your car!

ryan reynolds shirtless proposal
Hell, if there are guys that look like Ryan Reynolds did in The Proposal… shit I’m packing my bags NOW!Ryan_Reynolds_in_The_Proposal_Wallp

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