5/24 WEEKEND @ THE MOVIES: The Hangover 3/Fast & Furious 6 (review)


Sorry for the late posts y’all.  I have been busy with everthing and when I’m not busy i’ve been just fucking lazy.  Anywho, my latest rant comes after viewing not one but two movies this past weekend.

The Hangover 3


Fast & Furious 6
fast & furious 6

Since most of you have already seen these by now, I will make this brief and for those of you under a rock or against crowded theatres, who haven’t seen either…well there are no spoilers here.

The Hangover with its raunchy yet tongue-in-cheek humor had some ok laughs but not as funny as the first.  Although the plot was pretty good and it started off really strong, I felt some of the jokes weren’t as quick/quirky as this movie’s predecessors.  That being said, it’s not a complete waste of time.  Why? Not sure, actually… maybe because I spent the hour and a half lusting over Bradley Cooper and thinking to myself that he has a nice ass and really, dreamy blue eyes…
b cooper

where was I?

Oh yeah sorry… The ending just after the first 60 seconds of credits makes the flick really worthwhile! I AM NOT BS’ing you!  Don’t get up and leave too soon. That part alone makes up for anything remorseful that you may be feeling by the movie’s end. It also gives Hangover 3 a good stamp amongst the rest of the trilogy!

it sucks

And then there was Fast and Furious 6!

If you know me personally, then you know I am a sucker for fast cars, action, hot guys…and chicks!  Depsite hating remakes/reboots/sequels, this movie was a total win for me before the opening credits! The jokes were witty and funny (especially Tyrese)!  The action of course, way over the top and the ending predictable but what more are you expecting from a flick like this? Anyway, Vin Diesel (my kid’s illegitimate daughter’s father – I love saying that) was “the truth” with his action behind the wheel of that Charger;

Paul Walker was dreamy with his seriousness and like I said the ending although, predictable, leaves way for another part in the franchise (I think).  Needless to say, if you already know what to expect and have kept up with the rest of the films thus far, you will not be kicking yourself in the ass for seeing this one!

it's awesome

That’s all for today kiddies…

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