Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll (review)


Well as I have mentioned before, I have a love for “GOOD” music.  I have different songs/genres that inspire me to do a lot in life, from workout to the most important…write!  That being said, on rare occasions I will find an artist or an album that not only tickles my fancy but completely moves me.  However this little insomniac has found a CD/album that has literally enthralled me.  That would be “Fall Out Boy,” and their newest work of art, “Save Rock and Roll”.  After taking a hiatus for the last few years, Fall out boy has brought us music that is worthy to be played! The title does exactly what it says: Saves Rock and Roll! 🙂


“Save Eock and Roll” has truly made it hard for me to find just 1 particular fav! Shit, the whole damn thing lacks the skip-worthy feel you get from some tracks on a CD that often times make you border on the feel of buyer’s remorse.  Nowadays I have the luxury of streaming or downloading before buying with my Xbox music pass.  But to this one, I don’t mind spending the $10 plus pesos.

I got turned on to Fall Out Boy a few years back but I only had the pleasure of a really enjoying a few songs.  But I am glad to have taken the chance on this one.  From the first hit single now getting airplay, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” to the good workout tune, “Where Did the Party Go” and my one of my favs, “The Mighty Fall” trust me you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!!!

So If you are looking for some awesome rock tunes with some head-bobbing, ear blasting tunes…take a gander on this one. You won’t regret it.  If rock isn’t your cup of tea…this may change your mind.  It’s a total ear-gasm!!!

So grab the CD if you will or download it (legally) off of iTunes or Xbox/Zune music!

it's awesome

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