Go On Judge Me…

**Taps Mike** Is this thing on?
I just want to give a shout out to some of the most miserable, judgmental losers who only sound/look good online! Yep YOU, who talk about other girls being stupid, ratchet, hood single moms with fake hair, eyelashes, boobs, eyes or fake something who collect some kind of public assistance or child support! You talk all this shit but in reality have no clue WHAT THE FLIP you’re talking about! I’m all for being opinionated & freedom of speech but when you go on to think the BS, which is backed up by nothing but your nuts is in fact truth… I say 1 thing: SHUT THE FLIP UP!!
You talk about chicks in the hood who don’t have anything going for themselves or who want to lay up with various dicks and have multiple kids with some or all of these men! And while this statistic is based in truth because there are a lot of females like this…it’s far from the generalization of the entire class of black women a lot of simple fucks ASSume to be true. Not all black women that come from the hood are ghetto, uneducated, unruly, loud, unemployed, wear weaves & clothes too tight/skimpy, have multiple kids out of wedlock or get high/drunk every weekend!
Same goes for men, not all are deadbeats, stoners, mamas boys, losers without the notion of settling down with 1 one woman! Not all black men wear their pants below their asses, are convicts and own clothes that cost more than rent (should they have a place of their own)! Now while, there are a good deal of boys fitting this bill…it would be far fetched and stupid to assume that all black men are this stereotype!
I get so tired of opinionated asshole, know-it-all fucktards who want to create drama in a war of words because they got jaded or came across some poor shits who fit the description above! I’ve come across women/men like that but it doesn’t mean I think all blacks are this way. Nor do I think those that are the opposite are Uncle Tom or Thomasina types who lost touch with their culture/race.
And another thing just because you don’t do what a black person “should“, doesn’t make you a sellout either.
Let me tell you fucks about me:
I wear colorful contacts, a weave, I’m a single mom, I was a college dropout, welfare recipient and live in one of the harsher places in North Philly! I’ve gone to a party or more in my lifetime, listened to rap music, got drunk and high before! Oh I dated degenerates and used bad grammar! I could go on & on!
But I’m going to tell you something else about me:

I am employed (and at a decent salary), I do take care of my child, I went back to college, took care of my elderly grandmother, I wear my hair natural (and yes I have plenty of it), I also love the skin I’m in. I’m abstinent, I published a book and I’m working on the next one! I blog and often speak/read/write beyond a 5th grade reading level! I could go on and on…

My point is don’t judge a book by its cover…especially if you tend not to read!

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