Act Like A Lady

I’m sorry but so many of you women out here are ruining it for the rest of us. For those women like myself in the pursuit of happiness, success, love & the necessities that make living life worthwhile, there are some women who insist on making us look bad.

I’m gonna make this simple and sweet! If you don’t want a man to treat you like a ho, then simply don’t act like one. Some women regardless if they know it or not are so adamant to compete with men on how to be a man, that they not only lose their femininity but they lose fucking common sense!

If you want to be in touch with your inner testosterone or try to figure what make men tick, that’s cool but to sit here and try to be emotionless or sexually devoid of morale…then again, you’re gonna look like a ho!

Women who have been so hurt and misguided by society, family and other dumbass women have been led to believe one of the following:

1. You have to act like a man to get one!
WRONG! Now while, I’m a lil tomboy at heart and enjoy/play sports or video games… I am still a lady! If all men wanted a girl who always acted like a guy or reminded them of a guy…then they are gay…move on!
2. You have to sleep with a bunch of guys to show your experience, tenacity or how independent you are!
WRONG! Nope, you will only be the jump-off girl that no man wants to settle down with who’s only good for a text message booty call!
3.You have to outdo the next woman or do what the next girl won’t!
WRONG! You sell yourself short and again come off like a ho! Just because you can be nasty for someone else’s man and think you’re better than his main chick…you’re mistaken! You are a means to an end for his penis! Despite what led that taken man your way, he will go back to his wife/priority woman. And if somehow he ends up with you, he will leave you for the next chick who is another sexual conquest, try to get back with the priority girl again, find another wholesome good girl or was only trying to compensate for being gay by sleeping with as many girls as he could get his hands on!
4. Use what you got to get what you want!
WRONG! 1 word…GRAVITY! As you get older you won’t be able to grab and keep a guy if your once perky tits are sagging to the floor along with everything else! Nobody wants to see a grandma trying to pull men at a club!
5. Take these men for what they got!
WRONG! You’re a golddigger if you do…and all that material shit will eventually be a reminder of how miserable you are!
6. You don’t need a man!
WRONG! Gay or straight… We all yearn a soulmate! Save all that “I can do bad all by myself shit for someone who’s buying it! Now while waiting for your one to be without is ok…simply settling acting too good for every man who pursues you is not! You don’t have to settle for any and every loser that falls at your feet or have to accept every invitation for a date from every man…remember independent is just another fancy word for alone!

Now while I could go on about how to be a lady… it’s time for this insomniac to play a little Xbox before finally going to sleep!

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