Relationship Roles

The ever approaching Valentines Day has me thinking! Especially about dating and the fact I’m single nowadays.
Now don’t frown your face since I’m totally comfortable and stable in my relationship status. I swear some people act as if you have lepers if you say you’re single. Like yes I’m awesome, yes I’m the total package and yes I’m single! I put it like this if I could hold out on sex through high school and maintain my virginity, I can now hold out for a husband and maintain my sanity & dignity.

Anyway, the last relationships consisted of a great handyman who was a complete jealous moron followed by a nymphomaniac who craved a wifey-type yet had no clue what drywall was. Now before you go on yapping about my skills on guy-picking…consider this thought:
When dating, I’m picky…as anyone should be. I don’t want the bottom of the barrel yet I am confident that sometime even the most perfect of us all need some fine tuning. But what really grinds my gears is that when you meet a person and they put off that notion that they are useful…what happens when they are for lack of a better term, As useful as a hole in the head. I mean as a woman, I think I should be compensated for my waste of time and resources for dealing with someone who wasn’t worth my time.
Likewise a guy should be compensated for putting up with a no good girl who doesn’t know the difference between a spatula and slotted spoon.
Now again before you go on about the selection process and the fact of putting up with the bullshit….consider the facts of being mislead in the first place.
I mean bad relationships are like a herpes breakout, even when there is no sign of symptoms…they too will sneak up on you!

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