Thor Love and Thunder: An Insomniac Review

Thor Love and Thunder is the latest addition to the MCU. Directed by Taika Watiti and starring Chris Hemsworth as our titular hero.

Now as much as I didn’t like that the previous entry strayed away from both its Norse and comic source materials, it was nonetheless a hit in my book. It was funny and campy, not to mention enjoyably a good time.

However, Love and Thunder well, it was just ok. So here’s my take but beware spoilers ahead.

The plot and acting were ok but I think the comedic aspects were a bit much. This film went overboard with some characters like Zeus for example. Here was a character I feel was just meh, for lack of a better word.

While I get he was supposed to be an example of the hero you’d never want to meet as mentioned in the film but I feel he could have been far more serious than he was portrayed. I get they wanted a lighter approach as well as tried to show the gods are basically useless and only want our adoration and worship. That is something that the film got sorta right. I mean we do stake a lot in higher powers and often too much. But c’mon it’s Russell fuckin’ Crowe playing Zeus but he was reduced to a caricature of himself.

Another example was Valkerie. While I love her character, the whole love torn lesbian thing was outstretched. Like I just was happy with her kick ass lol. I mean that’s what the Valkerie are supposed to be, well warriors.

Watching this compared to Thor: The Dark World, the contrast was far too different. It seems like the Disney version of MCU flicks are getting so watered down, I am longing for some darkness or at least some more of the seriousness and higher stakes that these characters go through in the comics.

While we love these characters, we never see them fulfill true arcs or tragedies. The stakes never feel high nor do I ever feel like the threats are worthy. Jane has an interesting storyline and we see how she deals with having cancer and still being much in love with Thor. At least at the end we get a heartwarming goodbye but I get the feeling it’ll be cheapened by bringing her back. But you still have to admire how awesome Natalie Portman looked.

Also while Loki is missing in action, we know he’s lurking in another part of the MCU Multiverse. So we’re not even awarded the crucial moments of really missing him.

Another thing that has bothered me with these comic book films is that while I find myself entertained, the villains for example, even they don’t appear or feel threatening nor do they do anything that gives the main characters a true challenge. We just await for them to be thwarted by the film’s end. I’m starting feel there’s this need to coddle comic adaptation moviegoers but not comic fans.

Much like Gorr. Again, well acted but not much was left to be desired with his character. At least he had a redemptive end I suppose.

He looked so menacing and Christian Bale was good… still sigh… another villain dispatched and forgotten.

I think this particular entry fell victim to the same inevitable conclusion as Spider-Man 3 but at least that film gave me the feels when Harry sacrificed himself just with a redeeming character arc. We felt connected to him still we wanted more of him vs. Spidey. The overall story just had too much going on.

Still Thor Love and Thunder is fun and I recommend watching when you can. Besides you can never have too much Korg.

My Vote: When is it streaming online again?

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