MCU “Daredevil” Series Now In The Works

After the abrupt end of the Netflix/Marvel shows, fans were delighted to see Matt Murdock as played by Charlie Cox make an appearance again in Spider-Man No Way Home.

I mean each time I saw this in theaters, folks clapped during his cameo.

That being said… I have some thoughts.

While I have stuck by most of the adaptations that the MCU has dished out, others were rather meh… and pretty much made me a little weary. Especially since the Disney acquisition. Still that doesn’t mean Marvel overall hasn’t made for good entertainment. But Endgame and most recently, No Way Home set a pretty high bar. Venom and the Eternals left more to be desired.

But this brings us to the shows the MCU has given us on the Disney+ platform. Even though the Netflix shows were a little more gritty than what we’ve gotten as of late, their realism were what made them spectacular in their own right. They’ve been sadly canceled and removed from Netflix but at least they’ve found a home on the aforemention Disney platform.

And now we’ve finally gotten new life breathed into them… well at least the one that started it all… Daredevil.

I’m hoping that the show brings on the original cast in addition to Cox and most likely Vincent D’Onfrio since he was last seen in Hawkeye

…But I guess we’ll have to see.

Now Daredevil was a violent show. I mean really violent… in a good way. The fight scenes were bloody and literally pulled no punches… well pun aside… there were punches and kicks and throws as well as a head smashed in a SUV door. Will the new platform follow in those footsteps? Or is what we saw in Hawkeye a glimpse of a more family friendly *cough* watered down version to come?

That’s really my concern. I mean if you saw Hawkeye…

As much as I love Vincent D’Onfrio and his portrayal of the villain Kingpin… he left so much more to be desired. In Daredevil, he was vicious yet complex. He was quite the nemesis yet he possessed something that made you pity him at times. His development was well thought out and written well. But when we saw him return and I still liked him… but he felt like a PG version. Needless to say… all heads were in tact and he didn’t strike the same fear as he did before. But that’s just my take.

That brings me to my next concern…

The Punisher, hell even Luke Cage series. I literally fell in love with Bushmaster. (If that’s any indicator of the types of guys I’ve dated…now you know why I have a podcast about being single.) Nonetheless, he was another well written foe as well as Cottonmouth… who we know won’t be around considering his fate in the series and the fact that actor Mahershala Ali has been set to play the new Blade.

Still I am desperately hoping this at least brings the Punisher series back. Jon Bernthal was friggin’ dope in my opinion.

He only beat out Thomas Jane because the flick was literally felt so campy, like a family comic book film despite its R rating. Given they didn’t know how to make or market comic book adaptations back then, the fact that a 10 minute fan film on YouTube was better than the entire flick should tell you something.

I mean it’s been teased for so long, I’m beginning to wonder if it was just that… a tease.

Only time will tell and we’ve yet to get a teaser or release date as of yet. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed while keeping my expectations low.

Stay tuned for my ranking of MCU shows… which is coming soon…



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